Franklin Band's March Across Time Celebrates History

  • Franklin Band drummers march

    Published May 11, 2021

    The Franklin Band is celebrating 84 years of history, and it’s inviting alumni, families and community supporters to join the party.

    On May 20, the Franklin Band will host a March Across Time virtual event. The reunion will feature alumni interviews and performance highlights from 1937 and onward. Attendees will be able to reunite with friends and community members from their time in the band as well as connect for future events.

    "The Franklin Band's story is a key part of the Franklin community's story," said FHS band director Jacob Campos. "Our No. 1 core value is community, and we believe that the community in which we live and our own community within Franklin High shapes who we are. We have been so fortunate to have that support, and we try to give back in as many ways as we can."

    The virtual celebration is free, but those wishing to attend need to register to get the link.