Governor Bill Lee Visits Fairview High Mechatronics

  • Published May 11, 2021

    Fairview High School’s mechatronics program is garnering attention from Tennessee Governor Bill Lee.

    Lee stopped by the class Friday, May 7, to observe students at work. Fairview High’s mechatronics program began in 2016 and allows students to work toward an associate degree from Columbia State University while completing their high school diplomas. This year, 14 students are graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Engineering Systems Technology, and nine students are earning a technical certificate.

    “I'm proud of what's happening here,” said Lee. "This is a model for the state. What they've tapped into is the recognition that kids have different talents and skillsets, and we need to shape an education system that matches the uniqueness of our children. That's what they're doing here, and it's creating many pathways for students."

    The mechatronics program was named the Tennessee Association for Career and Technical Education (TACTE) Secondary Program of the Year in 2018. Fairview High also received a Pathway Certification from the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) in 2019 for the program.

    "We strive to provide our students with a meaningful, fulfilling and productive path that will open up doors for their future," said FVHS Principal Dr. Kurt Jones. "That is what our mechatronics program is doing."