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    College and Career Readiness

    As school counselors, our job is to help you to plan and prepare for college and your future career. Throughout your time at Fairview High School, you will meet individually with your counselor to discuss your academic and extracurricular interests to come up with the right plan for YOU. We hope the resources on this website help you in your search for your college and career. If you need any help, or have any questions, please reach out to your school counselor.

    Planning for your future

    Students should begin thinking about their future as soon as they enter high school (if not before!). The decisions that are made during your high school career may determine which options are available to you in your post-secondary career – wherever that takes you.

    For students who know they want to attend college, there are many resources available to guide you through the process. Some questions to ask are: Where will you go? What school is a good fit for you? What are the admissions requirements? What might you major in? How do you decide where to apply, and once you get accepted, how do you make your final decision?

    Another great tool that is available for post-secondary planning is called the NEXT guide. This guide provides links to career interest inventories, what future expenses after high school might look like, information about what degrees you can earn in college, military enlistment, going directly into the workforce, resume writing, and SO MUCH MORE!

    Please see your counselor for Next Guide information. 

    Student Milestones for College

  • The Fairview High School Counseling Center is here to assist you with your College and Career Planning needs. Your counselors focus on the process of preparing for testing and college applications, getting to know your strengths and creative passions, and encouraging you to expand your academic and extracurricular interests to strengthen your college resume.

    Transcript requests for current students and alumni

    Order your transcript online if you graduated in 2018 or later and follow these steps:

    1. Order a transcript
    2. Select start button
    3. Select sending institution (Fairview High School, Fairview, TN )
    4. Follow instructions to enter student identifying information.
    5. Select receiving institution.  You may select multiple institutions.
    6. Review your transcript order.
    7. Enter your customer information.
    8. Submit order
    9. Make a note of the tracking number to check on your request and verify when the receiving institution receives it.  It may take a week or two for the receiving institution to accept and process. 

    Paper Form and Alumni prior to 2018 

    Transcript request for 2017 and before will be processed by Robin Harrison at the campus.  Please download, complete, and send the form along with your proof of payment to the following address:

    Fairview High School

    2595 Fairview Blvd.

    Fairview, TN 37062

    School Cash Online for transcript


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