Webmasters Work Behind the Screens to Inform

  • Published August 2, 2021

    School webmasters are hard at work this time of year, making sure their websites are up to date with the latest information for families.

    Each school has a webmaster who works year-round on the website. This includes adding new content, updating information and posting announcements. Additionally, webmasters attend at least one training session over the summer to learn best practices while preparing their website for the new school year.

    "Our school webmasters are an important part of our team," said WCS District Webmaster Karianne Annastas. "They play a vital role in keeping the WCS community informed of what's happening in our schools by getting current and accurate information out to their families through the school website. We are so thankful for their dedication and commitment to their school communities."

    The school webmasters for the 2021-22 school year are listed below.

  • *Information will be updated as it is collected.