Six Students Ace Their ACT

  • Six student headshots

    Published August 23, 2021

    Less than one percent of test takers earn a perfect composite score on the ACT, and six WCS high school students are joining the academic elite.

    In June, Brentwood High's Audrey Aulino added a perfect ACT composite score to her list of accomplishments.

    "We are very excited for Audrey," said BHS Principal Kevin Keidel. "She is academically curious and is great at asking probing questions to broaden her understanding of a subject. Her teachers really enjoy working with her."

    Another student who can say he's earned a perfect composite score is Page High's Josef Dosch.

    "Josef is laser-focused on excelling and making the most of his academic career," said PHS Advanced Placement (AP) English teacher John Baker. "He's the kind of student who keeps teachers on their toes, always looking for more to read, more to write and new ways to explore the ideas we talk about in class."

    Also in June, Ravenwood High's Joshua Liu earned a perfect composite score in his exam.

    "In addition to being wildly successful academically, Josh is one of the kindest students I've taught," said RHS Latin teacher Joshua Crumm. "When I heard that he earned a perfect score on the ACT, I was not surprised at all. I couldn't be happier for him, and I look forward to seeing what Josh will accomplish in the years to come."

    Independence High student Ella Wyckoff is one of the few who scored a perfect 36 composite on the July ACT.

    "Ella is an outstanding student in and out of the classroom," said IHS Assistant Principal Naomi Williams. "No matter the circumstances, Ella has a smile on her face and is a true joy to speak to in the halls. We are very proud of her."

    In July, two more students made the Ravenwood High community proud with their performance on the ACT exam. Cynthia Xu is one of those students.

    "Cynthia is a very strong science student," said RHS chemistry teacher Avrill Buerstetta. "She is not afraid to challenge herself. I cannot wait to see what the years hold for her."

    Ravenwood High's Linda Xu also scored a perfect 36 composite.

    "Linda is an extraordinary student in every way," said RHS band director Chris Janowiak. "Her ability to be so involved, achieve at such a high level and ace the ACT is truly remarkable."