• Published August 13, 2021

    Williamson County Schools loves its bus drivers, which is why schools like Mill Creek Elementary are finding ways to celebrate these dedicated employees.

    On August 13, Mill Creek Elementary hosted an appreciation breakfast where bus drivers were able to enjoy a delicious meal and hear from MCES Principal Julie Sparrow and Assistant Principal Drew Perry.

    "They're part of our family," said Perry. "We've developed really good relationships with our drivers. They're excited to see our students, and we're excited to see them. We just want to make sure our bus drivers know how much we appreciate them."

    Bus drivers are the first school employees that some students see in the morning and the last face they see at the end of the day, so Sparrow says there needs to be a positive connection between the drivers and the students.

    "They service our students each and every day," said Sparrow. "We as a school feel like all our students are our responsibility, and our bus drivers are part of that."