AP Capstone Diploma, Certificate Students Smash District Record

  • Four student headshots

    Published August 24, 2021

    Sixty-three WCS students, representing Fairview High, Independence High, Page High and Ravenwood High, are earning their Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diplomas and AP Seminar and Research Certificates, smashing the district’s previous record of 47 in the 2019-20 school year.

    The AP College Board recently announced the students who received the AP Capstone Diploma based on scores from the 2021 AP exams. Forty-one students earned the AP Capstone Diploma, and 22 students earned the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.

    "When we brought the AP Capstone to Fairview in 2018, we couldn't even begin to recognize the potential it held for our students," said FVHS AP Seminar teacher Stephanie McGaha. "Watching this amazing program spread across Williamson County is rewarding in itself, but to achieve this amount of success so quickly is more than we could have ever dreamed."

    To earn the AP Capstone Diploma, students must earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar, AP Research and four additional AP exams. Students who earn a 3 or higher on their AP Seminar and AP Research exams but not on four additional exams receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.

    Congratulations to the students listed below:

  • AP Capstone Diploma

    • Evan Fuller, Fairview High
    • Ryan Kilgore, Fairview High
    • Eli Logan, Fairview High
    • Alexis Miniat, Fairview High
    • Luke Pape, Fairview High
    • Shreeti Amit, Page High
    • Emily Duff, Page High
    • Anika Kaushik, Page High
    • Lyndsay Napier, Page High
    • Nayoung Park, Page High
    • Jeffrey Ryan, Page High
    • Jack Sanders, Page High
    • Emily Weaver, Page High
    • Parker Whitehead, Page High
    • Mary Whittum, Page High
    • Alyssa Willams, Page High
    • Sara Yamada, Page High
    • Benjamin Beard, Independence High
    • Abigail Bingham, Independence High
    • Lily Fox, Independence High
    • Preston Hanzley, Independence High
    • Alexandrea Hasamear, Independence High
    • Nicholas Lonergan, Independence High
    • Emma Moore, Independence High
    • Lauren Rasmussen, Independence High
    • Avery Thorpe, Independence High
    • Jackson Doub, Ravenwood High
    • Regan Enderle, Ravenwood High
    • Samuel Fitch, Ravenwood High
    • Abigail Green, Ravenwood High
    • Reva Jethwani, Ravenwood High
    • Ryan Jordan, Ravenwood High
    • Riya Mitra, Ravenwood High
    • Milind Natra Muthiah, Ravenwood High
    • Carleton O'Neil, Ravenwood High
    • Omkar Upadhye, Ravenwood High
  • AP Seminar and Research Certificate

    • Dominic Escandell, Fairview High
    • Madison Theilacker, Fairview High
    • Shelby Bass, Page High
    • Rachel Dick, Page High
    • Margaret Rakes, Page High
    • Owen Singleton, Page High
    • Kaylee Mullen, Independence High
    • Annika Bhargava, Ravenwood High
    • Vivian Bishop, Ravenwood High
    • Ryan Farrell, Ravenwood High
    • Kara Furman, Ravenwood High
    • Qingyang Gong, Ravenwood High
    • Ashima Grover, Ravenwood High
    • Grace Gstell, Ravenwood High
    • Mia Guiliano, Ravenwood High
    • Blake Holloway, Ravenwood High
    • Andrew Kim, Ravenwood High
    • Ella Montgomery, Ravenwood High
    • Ayah Nofal, Ravenwood High
    • Ainsleigh Powell, Ravenwood High
    • Nithyashree Prabhu, Ravenwood High
    • Katelyn Rowan, Ravenwood High