Scammers Target Williamson County Businesses

  • Scam Alert

    Published August 24, 2021

    Scammers are targeting Williamson County businesses again, and this time, the district is warning local businesses to be wary of a Texas-based company that claims to benefit schools.

    The company, which goes by several different names including Primetime Advertising, Spirit Stop, Sports Promotion Network and Campus Box Media, is targeting Williamson County businesses in an effort to collect sponsorships for school spirit wear and other items. This company is not affiliated with WCS, and it does not sell products on behalf of the district. Their latest targets were businesses supporting Page High School.

    ”It’s frustrating and unfortunate to see local businesses who want to support our schools being taken advantage of in this way,” said WCS Superintendent Jason Golden. “The end of summer and the beginning of the school year are typically the times when our schools are fundraising. I encourage business owners to double check with the school if they have questions about sponsorships.

    Each principal is aware of what fundraisers are ongoing in their schools, which is why business owners are encouraged to contact the administration or the school district with questions about any solicitation they might receive.