Schools of the Week: Jordan Elementary, Heritage Middle

  • Published September 13, 2021

    We want our InFocus readers to get a glimpse into the excellent schools in WCS, so new this year, two schools will be highlighted in each issue of InFocus. We’re simply calling the feature, Schools of the Week, and this week, the spotlight is on Jordan Elementary and Heritage Middle. Take a look at the photo galleries below to see what’s been happening at JES and HMS.

  • It's Tennessee Literacy Month, and students at Jordan Elementary are exploring new book genres through book tastings.

    JES librarian Megan Munson says it's easy for students to stick with one type of book, so she wanted to encourage them to expand their horizons. This week, students selected a book they had never read from a picnic table and read the first few pages. If they didn't like the book, they could switch it out for a new one.

    "We sat on beanbags and blankets outside, and we sampled the books that were out there," said JES student Cece Clark. "I found a book that I really enjoyed, and I never would have picked it up before."

  • Students at Heritage Middle are getting the ultimate PE class.

    Coach Sloan Smith is teaching his classes how to play ultimate Frisbee, which is giving students the chance to enjoy the nice weather and learn a new sport at the same time.

    "I think it's really fun," said HMS sixth grader Hazel Dutra. "I've tossed a Frisbee before, but I've never played ultimate Frisbee. I want to learn more about it."