Updated WCS Illness Guidelines, At-Home COVID Test Information

  • A student's temperature is taken in the nurse's office

    Published September 13, 2021

    Williamson County Schools continues to update its Illness Guidelines as needed.

    The newest additions to the guidelines include updated information about symptom identification when someone may have COVID-19. Students and staff who present with one high risk symptom, such as loss of taste or smell, or at least two mild symptoms, such as chills or congestion, should not attend school or work. The guidelines also include information for symptoms that appear due to chronic conditions.

    "If your child has documented chronic conditions such as fall seasonal allergies or migraines, please provide that medical documentation to your school nurse," said WCS District Nursing and Coordinated School Health Supervisor Mandi Thompson. "That will be indicated on your child's student record, and it can be used in determining if that child needs to be sent home for COVID-19."

    If a student receives an official health department quarantine recommendation, they will be expected to follow the public health recommendations for the dates specified.

    For students who present with COVID symptoms or are exposed to the disease, Williamson County Schools allows the use of at-home COVID-19 testing to support a quick return to school. However, here are a few reminders for families regarding how to accurately report the results:

    • All instructions for performing the test must be followed for the results to be accurate:
      • Testing kits with two tests must be used within the time frame directed in the manufacturer instructions.
      • Using only one kit too early may result in a false negative. It is advised that anyone with high-risk COVID-19 symptoms who receives a negative result from an at-home test take a PCR test and/or seek healthcare provider guidance.
      • Negative results should be uploaded to the manufacturer's app to provide adequate reporting and a valid return document for school attendance.
    • In anyone tests positive for COVID-19 with an at-home test, they should:
      • Report this result to the manufacturer's app and to their healthcare provider.
      • Isolate from others to prevent spread.
      • Notify any known close contacts.
      • Notify school attendance and the school nurse of the positive result for attendance purposes.

    For more information about Health Services and the full list of Illness Guidelines, visit the WCS Health Services page.