Schools of the Week: Walnut Grove Elementary, Nolensville High

  • Published October 1, 2021

    This week, the Schools of the Week spotlight is on Walnut Grove Elementary and Nolensville High. We asked the principals of both schools to share a few things that make their schools special.

    Walnut Grove Elementary

    • Walnut Grove Elementary is 31 years old.
    • The school mascot is the Grizzly bear.
    • The fifth grade Olympics, fourth grade International Dance Festival and a school-wide Read-a-thon are all special traditions at Walnut Grove.

    Check out the photo gallery below to see how Walnut Grove Elementary students spend their Wednesday mornings.

  • Each Wednesday morning, Walnut Grove Elementary students get ready to jump into the school day.

    The WGES jump rope team gathers in the gym to practice their techniques, which include the boxer jump, the elevator jump and the side straddle. Students may join the group when they reach third grade.

    “Jump rope is a very good exercise, and it’s a lot of fun,” said WGES fifth grader Cooper Miller. “I started coming in third grade. I like the double side swing jump a lot.”

  • Nolensville High

    • The town of Nolensville paints the town blue in honor of the NHS Homecoming.
    • On Friday nights, the NHS student section support the athletes and the band with the same vigor.
    • Nolensville High's motto is We are ONE.

    Find out how the Nolensville High Culinary Arts program gets into the fall spirit in the photo gallery below.

  • Students in the Nolensville High Culinary Arts program are embracing the season and making pumpkin bread.

    Each year, students roast pumpkins for the homemade treat. The bread is sold at the Nolensville Farmers Market on Saturday mornings throughout October.

    The Culinary Arts program, part of the College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE) department, is a great opportunity for students to learn new skills.

    “Culinary gives us a chance to learn how to cook, how to communicate with others and how to be leaders,” said NHS student Emma Brawner. “I feel like I will be a better employee one day because of that.”