• Published October 26, 2021

    October is National Principals Month, and Williamson County Schools wants to celebrate the individuals who serve their school communities.

    WCS principals are the face of their buildings, working each day to lead their teachers and staff in providing the best educational opportunities for their students.

    "Our school principals are the cornerstones of their school communities," said WCS Superintendent Jason Golden. "They work to ensure that their teachers and staff have the resources they need to be successful; that students feel supported and have the opportunity to excel; and that families have the opportunities to be involved and engaged in student learning. I’m so thankful for the hard work and dedication of these leaders."

    Principals take on a variety of roles within their buildings depending on what needs there are.

    "What we know is that the role of the principal is critically important in the lives of students and families in WCS," said WCS Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools Dr. Juli Oyer. "They are the leaders of instruction, the wiper of tears, the cleaner of hallways. They do it all. The level of commitment that is demonstrated is inspirational."

    Take a look at several interesting facts about a few of the principals in Williamson County Schools:

    • Grassland Elementary Principal Dr. Ann Gordon is the district's longest-serving principal with 34 years under her belt. She has served at Nolensville Elementary, Crockett Elementary, Heritage Elementary and Grassland Elementary.
    • Brentwood High Principal Kevin Keidel and Ravenwood High Principal Dr. Pam Vaden have both been serving their schools for 20 years.
    • Page Middle Principal Dr. Eric Lifsey has been in his role for 11 years.
    • Dr. Pam Vaden is the only principal to lead Ravenwood High.

    “We have such an excellent team of instructional leaders who work with and support each other,” said Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools Dr. Leigh Webb. “They are competitive on the fields, courts and in the classrooms, but they are united in working toward a common goal of student success for all.”

    WCS principals are just as incredible outside of school. For those curious about what some principals do for fun, take a look below:

    • Grassland Middle's Dr. Timothy Drinkwine has hens and goats on his small family farm.
    • Centennial High's Dr. Kevin Dyson is a former National Football League (NFL) player.
    • Brentwood Middle's Dr. Bill Harlin enjoys flat water kayaking.
    • Hillsboro School's Cameron Gish teaches a group fitness class and is training for a Half-Ironman.
    • Page Middle's Dr. Eric Lifsey works on old British sports cars.
    • Mill Creek Elementary's Julie Sparrow competes in Cross Fit championships.
    • Jordan Elementary's Chad Walker builds guitars.
    • Nolensville Elementary's Amanda Fuller once exercised for 365 days straight.
    • College Grove Elementary's Kathy Lillard works on her family farm before school.
    • Thompson's Station Elementary Principal Dr. Robert Bohrer is an avid cyclist. This summer, he rode from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Niagara Falls.
    • Oak View Elementary's Amy Stephenson played college softball.
    • Legacy Middle's Dr. Alicia Justice is a section hiker for the Appalachian Trail.
    • Franklin High's Dr. Shane Pantall authored a book about Franklin.