• Published November 15, 2021

    A classic board game came to life in Page High's production of Clue November 11-13.

    The colorful cast took the stage and entertained the crowd as Professor Plum, Mr. Green, Mrs. White, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard tried to find the killer. The show, directed by PHS teacher Michelle Tripp, allowed for the students to improvise and delve into their characters.

    "It was definitely my favorite show by far," said PHS junior Zach West, who played Mr. Green. "Clue was a unique show because of its ability to appeal to so many people. It's a show that didn't take itself too seriously, allowing for the actors and the audience to have a shared inside joke. During a show, a certain character ripped his pants onstage, and it was the funniest moment out of all the performances. People had to ask if it was planned or accidental, making it 10 times more special for me."