Kenrose Teacher Named Elementary Art Educator of the Year

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    Published December 7, 2021

    Art has a special place in the heart of a Kenrose elementary teacher, and her passion for the subject earned her recognition from the State.

    KES art teacher Virginia Nix is the 2022 Tennessee Art Education Association (TAEA) Elementary Art Educator of the Year, meaning she has achieved the highest level of professionalism in art education and has helped increase public awareness of the importance of the visual arts.

    "I am thrilled to represent elementary art educators," Nix said. "What a humbling role we play in the development of our young artists. To see their faces each week as they learn new skills, make those 'a-ha' connections and overcome challenges is so rewarding."

    Nix firmly believes art is vital to students and provides an avenue to express themselves in a way that words alone cannot. She has sponsored the KES Arty Cardinals program, which allows students to explore different creative mediums and create weekly projects.

    "Art is a universal language," said Nix. "The integration of visual arts in schools is crucial for the development of problem-solving strategies, communication and fine motor skills. I feel strongly that the arts play an integral role in social-emotional learning and the health of artists of all ages."

    Nix received a plaque and was honored at the Fall State Professional Development Conference at the end of October.