• Published December 14, 2021

    For the third year in a row, the Independence High Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) cadets are sweeping the Williamson County Rifle League team competitions.

    The league hosted five matches this season to see how cadets across the county matched up against their fellow marksmen. During the matches, cadets fire at targets from three positions: prone, standing and kneeling. Each of the matches has a junior varsity winner. At the end of the season, a varsity team winner is chosen based on its overall performance.

    Independence High's team, which includes Corinna Vollmer, Olivia Livaudais, Cheyenne Rupert and Reese Micklow, won the varsity team competition. The IHS junior varsity team also swept all five JV trophies. That team includes Luke Painter, Jefferson Johnson, Mahrley Wilbourne and Sophie Livaudais.

    "Competitive marksmanship is a sport in which the playing field is even for all who participate," said IHS Senior Army Instructor Lt. Col. Charles Fields. "Our top competitors were not the biggest nor the strongest. They were the ones who were able to be disciplined, adaptive and focused. It is great to see how large our league has grown. Sixteen years ago, we started with two schools and 12 competitors. We have seen it grow to eight schools and more than 90 competitors."

    Individual recognition was also given to the top three overall marksmen and the top three marksmen in each of the three positions. Independence High's Corinna Vollmer is the district's top marksman, followed by Independence High's Olivia Livaudais and Ravenwood High's Drake Buttrey.

    The top marksmen in each of the three positions are listed below:


    1. Corinna Vollmer, Independence High
    2. Drake Buttrey, Ravenwood High
    3. Olivia Livaudais, Independence High


    1. Corinna Vollmer, Independence High
    2. Olivia Livaudais, Independence High
    3. Kaylor Jones, Page High


    1. Corinna Vollmer, Independence High
    2. Olivia Livaudais, Independence High
    3. Drake Buttrey, Ravenwood High