Schools of the Week: Westwood Elementary, Page Middle

  • Published January 25, 2022

    The Schools of the Week spotlight is shining on Westwood Elementary and Page Middle. We asked the principals of both schools to share a few things that make their schools special.

    Westwood Elementary

    • Westwood Elementary shared a building with Fairview Elementary until the school building was ready to occupy in January of 2001.
    • Six staff members of Westwood Elementary are former students, and around 20 staff members graduated from Fairview High.
    • Westwood Elementary has a variety of before and after-school activities, including the school newspaper, Spanish classes, the green team, the school chorus and more.
  • Third-grade students in Westwood Elementary teacher Addison Walden Cagle's classroom were keeping the beat and enjoying the music January 21.

    At the beginning of class, students practiced their skills with the tambourine, triangle, claves and drums as they followed along with a video. Afterward, they warmed up their voices with a fun game.

    "I really, really like music," said WES student Paisley Raber. "There are so many kinds of different music, and I love this class. I don't have a favorite thing in here because I love all of it."


  • Page Middle

    • Page Middle opened in 1982, making August 2022 its 40th anniversary.
    • The school is officially named Fred J. Page Middle School after a past Superintendent of Williamson County Schools.
    • Page Middle's new addition makes it the first three-story school in the county and the middle school with the largest capacity.
  • There's no shortage of musical talent at Page Middle.

    Students there get the opportunity to choose from several different electives, including choir and band. From brass instruments to boomwhackers, students can choose their pathway.

    "We strongly believe that music education is important," said band director Evan Burton. "It's a wonderful social experience. Students are so ready to learn, and to watch how quickly they progress is exciting."