COVID-19 Positive Case Data - January 25, 2022

  • WCS COVID-19 Data

    Published January 25, 2022

    The district is publishing positive COVID-19 case data each week. School-specific numbers are available on the WCS COVID-19 webpage.

    Each Tuesday, the number of positive COVID cases for students and staff will be posted on the WCS website and in the InFocus newsletter. The information on the website will be in alphabetical order by school. The data reflects positive cases reported for the last seven days.

    The data below is as of Tuesday, January 25:

    • 423 staff with a confirmed positive case
    • 1,826 students with a confirmed positive case

    Families are asked to keep their students home if they are not feeling well or if anyone in the home is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Families may also reference the updated WCS Illness Guidelines.