RHS Girls Wrestling Makes History at Regional Tournament

  • Ravenwood High girls wrestling team

    Published February 1, 2022

    For the first time in history, a WCS high school team holds a regional title in Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) Girls Wrestling.

    The Ravenwood High girls wrestling team defeated Independence High to win the TSSAA Region Three Dual Tournament Championship. 

    "Girls wrestling has grown in popularity over the past several years," said WCS Athletic Director Darrin Joines. "As a result, individuals and teams are performing at high levels in district, region and State competitions. The Ravenwood Region Dual Championship, a first in WCS, is one of the high-level accomplishments. Independence High finishing as runner-up is further proof of the growth of the sport."

    The team includes Amelia Martelle, Caroline Gargus, Grace Buettner, Gracemaa Kalathur, Kami Lobliner, Kaylen Thomas, Kelsey Thomas, Kendall Curran, Macy Fowler, Rachel Martelle, Sophie Perry and Teni Soyombo. They are coached by Geston Gordon. 

    "This team edged out 36 other schools to win the regional tournament," said RHS head wrestling coach Brody Faler. "It was an amazing job by these extremely hard-working girls, many of whom are first-year wrestlers. With the community's gracious support these last couple years, our girls and boys wrestlers have established themselves as a top ten wrestling program in Tennessee."

    The RHS girls wrestling team will continue to the State competition at the end of February.