PHS Teacher Accepted into Summer Fellowship Program

  • Kevin dockery

    Published February 15, 2022

    A Page High educator is one of only 15 teachers to get the opportunity to travel across the world and spend a week in Armenia as part of an inaugural fellowship program.

    PHS history teacher Kevin Dockery was accepted into The Genocide Education Project's Summer 2022 Teacher Fellowship Program in Armenia. Dockery was chosen from thousands of applicants around the country.

    "In my Advanced Placement (AP) European History and AP World History classes, I focus on the Armenian Genocide as a precursor to the Holocaust," Dockery said. "In addition to education sessions and workshops, I'm hoping that this experience will let me become better informed on the subject. I'm also looking forward to visiting a part of the world I've never been to before."

    Dockery will travel to Armenia in July and meet at the Armenian Genocide Museum and Institute to participate in interactive sessions, guest presentations and visits to other historical and cultural sites.

    "I'm hoping this will add more resources for what I already teach," Dockery said. "Visiting the actual site and hearing from experts can only help me. I want to be able to engage other educators and work with them to teach this very difficult but important subject."

    The educators at the fellowship will also develop lesson plans to share with their colleagues with the goal of better educating students and teachers.

    "By adding lessons on other historical genocides like the Armenian Genocide, we can broaden and expand student understanding of why these events occur and how we can stop them," Dockery said. "Additionally, we need students to empathize with others and understand their experiences."