Rumor Mill - February 15, 2022

  • Published February 15, 2022

    What new schools are being built in WCS?

    The district is in the process of building two new elementary schools: one on Wilkes Lane in Spring Hill and one on Cox Road in Triune. Page High is in phase three of its renovation, and Ravenwood and Summit high schools are receiving 22-classroom additions modeled after the plans for the recent Independence High addition.

    Brentwood Middle is beginning the process of demolishing and replacing the existing school building. On Thursday, February 10, the district held a community meeting at BMS to present the construction plan and allow attendees to view phases, project schedules and more. The slideshow from the meeting is available on the district Facilities and Construction page.

    More information about ongoing and future construction projects in the district can be found in the WCS Five Year Capital Plan.

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