• Published February 15, 2022

    Six more WCS high schoolers are joining the fraction of students nationwide who earned a 36 composite score on the December ACT.

    One Ravenwood High student, Sophie McAtee, went above and beyond by scoring a 36 in each section of the exam, giving her a true perfect ACT score.

    "I love teaching Sophie," said RHS science teacher Dr. Erick Brock. "She always has a smile on her face and loves learning. It is so exciting working with her, and someday she will be a great scientist or engineer. I will be happy to call her my peer."

    Three other Ravenwood High students also earned a 36 composite score on their exams. Those students are Aarush Desai, Andrew Kim and Shiv Mehta.

    "Aarush is a thinker at heart, and he consistently scores among the highest during assessments," said their teachers. "Andrew is an excellent student, and he is well-respected for his intelligence by his peers. Shiv is hardworking and dedicated, and he gives himself challenges and works to accomplish his goals. Congratulations to all of these students."

    Brentwood High's Reagan Nelson also scored a perfect composite score on the ACT.

    "Reagan is a giving person who is an independent and eager learner," said BHS Principal Kevin Keidel. "He is confident, and he excels in all academic areas, especially science, general knowledge and absorption of information."

    Cynthia Liang, a student at Page High, also earned a 36 composite on her exam.

    "Cynthia is such a hardworking student, and we are so proud of those efforts being rewarded by a perfect ACT score," said PHS Principal Dr. Katie Hill. "She always gives more than 100 percent to her academic endeavors, and we're excited to see all the wonderful things Cynthia is going to accomplish."