Schools of the Week: Nolensville Elementary, Legacy Middle

  • Published February 22, 2022

    The Schools of the Week spotlight is shining on Nolensville Elementary and Legacy Middle. We asked the principals of both schools to share a few things that make their schools special.

    Nolensville Elementary

    • Nolensville Elementary has a history dating back to 1949. The space used then is still standing and is owned by the Nolensville Historical Society. In 1972, a second elementary school was build on Nolensville Road and used until 2007 when it was transformed into a Williamson County Recreation Center, and the new school was built on Rocky Fork Road.
    • While Nolensville Elementary serves nearly 900 students, it maintains a hometown, family atmosphere.
    • Students at NES can participate in many different school activities including theater, music, Green Team, Math Olympiad and more.
  • How many times can students at Nolensville Elementary jump rope in a row? That's what NES PE teachers are trying to find out. 

    In the latest lesson, students are learning different jump rope skills that they will put to the test during the Jump Rope Ninja unit. To earn different belts, students must show that they have mastered the art of jumping.

    "The way Jump Rope Ninja works is that each grade level has a certain number of jumps they must get in order to earn a belt," said NES PE teacher Kaila Carter. "Once they have earned that belt, they can then sign their name on the paper. They work their way up the ninja belts and once they are ready to test for a black belt, they will test in front of the PE teachers."

  • Legacy Middle

    • Each week, Legacy Middle celebrates what it means to be LIONS: Lead, Inspire, Overcome, Navigate and Serve.
    • LMS is in its second year and already has a State champion girls cross-country team and two individual State championships for boys and girls cross-country.
    • Students are able to choose classes during ROAR time based on what they are interested in and what supports they need.
  • Students in Legacy Middle theater teacher Kaleb Stone's class are putting down the pencils and paper and picking up the needles and thread.

    Eighth-grade students are learning the basics of sewing in Stone's latest unit. From a running stitch to button fastening, they are learning life skills they can use backstage and at home.

    "Sewing can be used in a lot of different instances other than theater," said Stone. "There are things we learn in this class that can be applied anywhere, and the students enjoy picking up those skills."