Board Votes to Uphold Reconsideration Committee Decision

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    Published February 22, 2022

    The Williamson County School Board has upheld changes to the elementary English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum as recommended by a committee assigned to review many of its books and texts. 

    The Reconsideration Committee reviewed approximately 30 texts and determined last month that Walk Two Moons, which is taught in fourth grade at the end of the school year, would not be used in the curriculum due to the time in the semester it was to be taught. The committee also adjusted how six other books/texts are taught. However, those books/texts will remain in the curriculum. Walk Two Moons may remain in school and teacher libraries.  

    Following the recommendation, nine appeals were filed, arguing the committee's decision did not go far enough. However, at its February 21 meeting, the School Board voted 8-2 to uphold the recommendation.

    The changes will take effect immediately. 

    Information about the Reconsideration Committee, including its full report, is available on the WCS English Language Arts page.