Franklin High Senior Wins Brentwood History Bowl

  • A boy smiles while  holding a large check

    Published March 1, 2022

    Franklin High's one-man team defeated six other WCS high schools to win the Sarah Bayrd American History Bowl February 24.

    FHS senior Charlie Connor answered a range of questions covering the Age of Discovery to the 21st Century, and he ended the competition approximately 3,000 points ahead of his opponents.

    "Charlie previously competed in the History Bowl as part of multi-person teams during his sophomore and junior years," said FHS history teacher Ray Scheetz. "In preparation for this year, he reviewed questions from previous competitions and history guidebooks. He and I also practiced trivia questions."

    Charlie is a member of the FHS International Baccalaureate Program and the president of the FHS History Honor Society. He's also the captain of the FHS mock trial team.

    "In addition to his dedication and intelligence, the thing that I believe causes Charlie to stand out is his character," Scheetz said. "He is genuinely kind and good-natured, and he gets along well with everyone."

    As the winner of the History Bowl, Charlie was awarded a prize of $800 for Franklin High. He also received a trophy to keep on display at FHS for the year.

    Centennial High placed second in the competition, and Brentwood High placed third. The History Bowl is presented by the Brentwood Historic Commission.