WCS Art Students Throw Down

  • A large group of students sit on bleachers

    Published April 5, 2022

    What does it take to win an Art Throwdown? WCS students found out during the annual competition Friday, March 25.

    Students were challenged in three categories: drawing, painting and sculpting. In each division, the artwork had to answer the question, "What unites all people?" Page High and Mill Creek Middle walked away with victories in the high school and middle school competitions, respectively.

    "The Art Throwdown is such a fun tradition," said Fairview High art teacher Julia Sanchez. "We get to see our art students respond to the prompt in such creative ways as a team. I really enjoy watching students collaborate in new ways."

    As they worked, teams were given twists that forced them to rethink their piece. For the first twist, each team had to write down what they would not want to do to their artwork. All the papers were put into a hat, and each team had to draw one out to follow. The second twist required students to throw away one-third of the artwork and rebuild or rework their design.

    Congratulations to the teams listed below:

    High School

    • First: Page High
    • Second: Centennial High
    • Third: Summit High
    • Fourth: Nolensville High
    • Fifth: Fairview High
    • Sixth: Independence High

    Middle School

    • First: Mill Creek Middle
    • Second: Grassland Middle
    • Third: Thompson's Station Middle
    • Fourth: Fairview Middle