• Published April 22, 2022

    Students at Jordan Elementary are taking steps to make their school and the Brentwood community a better place.

    The JES Green Team is a group composed of fourth and fifth-grade students. Their goal? To encourage their classmates to reduce, reuse and recycle.

    "It's basically a recycling club," said JES student Kayla Murray. "We are just trying to make the environment of our school better."

    As part of their duties, the team goes around the school and collects recyclables from classrooms and picks up trash from outside. Students also practice plays that they will perform in front of the school to educate others on how to recycle.

    "Recycling and reusing prevent there being a lot more waste," said JES student Lia Clark. "For example, glass takes about 50 years to break down. If we reuse it, we can save a lot more material."

    One thing is for sure: students on the Green Team are happy to help.