• Published May 10, 2022

    Seven WCS high school students are among the small percentage who scored a perfect composite score on the ACT exam taken in March.

    Brentwood High's William Hong, Mary McMullan and Luca Santilli all earned a 36 composite.

    "All three students are outstanding academically and are enrolled in honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes," said BHS Principal Kevin Keidel. "William is a nationally-ranked debater; Mary participates in several school activities; and Luca is a computer whiz and very inquisitive, especially when he is interested in a subject."

    Two Franklin High students also scored a perfect composite. Nathan Dinoia's teachers are not surprised at his accomplishment.

    "Nathan is a tremendous student in multiple subject areas because he has a sincere love of learning that is driven by his desire to understand the world around him," said FHS International Baccalaureate teacher Ray Scheetz. 

    Hannah Wimpy is the other FHS student to claim the honor of scoring a 36 composite.

    "Hannah is one of the hardest working, determined and focused students in our school," said FHS Assistant Principal Sarah Reynolds. "She sets high goals for herself and works tirelessly to accomplish them. We are so proud of her accomplishments."

    Matthew Mueller is one of the latest Ravenwood High students to complete this impressive achievement.

    "Matthew has one of the most outstanding work ethics I have ever seen in a student," said RHS band director Christopher Janowiak. "This is another feather in his cap, and the entire Red Team family is super proud of him."

    Ravenwood High's Andrew Salmon joins Matthew in celebrating a perfect composite score.

    "Andrew is successful because of his strong work ethic and keen intellect, and I know that he will go far in his studies of mathematics and science," said RHS AP Physics teacher Dr. Eric Brock.