WCS Music Educators Recognized by Country Music Association

Music sheet on podium
  • Published May 10, 2022

    Four WCS music educators are being celebrated by the Country Music Association (CMA) Foundation for their quality instruction in the classroom.

    Edmondson Elementary's Elaina Gallas, Brentwood Middle's Tiffany Turner, Page Middle's Evan Burton and Nolensville High's Michael Holland are all 2022 CMA Foundation Music Teachers of Excellence.

    "Each of these teachers has a reputation at the local, state, regional and national level for creating programs of high levels of excellence," said WCS Fine Arts Director Mark Kinzer. 

    Only 30 music educators around the country receive this honor. Music Teachers of Excellence are selected based on their dedication to bringing high-quality music education to their students and their impact on the school community.

    "Music education has been instrumental for thousands of years in providing opportunities for students to explore creativity and expression while developing social and emotional skills," said Kinzer. "It provides places for students to learn how to self-assess and make adjustments in their performances and creative works. It's a great place for students to learn problem-solving skills while expressing a variety of emotions and feelings."

    The educators will be celebrated at the sixth annual Music Teachers of Excellence Awards in Nashville on Wednesday, October 19.