WCS Fine Arts Senior Showcase 2022

  • Published May 10, 2022

    Williamson County Schools celebrated some of its most talented students in the areas of dance, music, theater and visual arts at the 2022 Fine Arts Senior Showcase.

    Thirteen students performed at the event, narrowed down from an initial pool of 72 nominees. Students were nominated by their teachers or by winning Gold Keys in the Scholastic Art Awards. Students were also nominated if they were selected for All-State in band, choir, orchestra or theater.

    "The arts have completely shifted my point of view on even the simplest things in life," said Independence High student Makenna Staffen. "They have enabled me to come out of my shell not only as a performer but as a person."

    The students listed below are the finalists who performed at the event and the semi-finalists.


  • Finalists

    • Lily Arnold, Franklin High
    • Brandon Berg, Brentwood High
    • Marcus Cheung, Franklin High
    • Merritt Hanemann, Centennial High
    • Sophie Lee, Ravenwood High
    • Kerrigan Mandrell, Nolensville High
    • Duncan Oldham, Franklin High
    • Keren Rosen, Franklin High
    • Ella Saliba, Brentwood High
    • Lillian Shi, Franklin High
    • Makenna Staffen, Independence High
    • Noelle Wiggs, Fairview High
    • Rina Xu, Brentwood High
  • Semifinalists

    • Dorothy Burt, Summit High
    • Sarah Kimbro, Summit High
    • Logan Benton, Summit High
    • Verona Collins, Centennial High
    • Saurav Chakraborty, Ravenwood High
    • Ella Ridlen, Ravenwood High
    • Sarah Mangrum, Independence High
    • Kennedy Shoap, Summit High