Celebrating WCS Student-Athletes at WILLCO Awards

  • Published June 28, 2022

    Williamson County Schools student-athletes were all smiles as they walked the red carpet at the eighth annual WILLCO Awards Tuesday, June 21. 

    The WILLCO Awards is an event honoring student-athletes and their coaches. The red carpet show and awards ceremony are held at The Factory at Franklin each year.

    Students are entered in any of 31 categories, including Top Female and Male Athlete, Football Player of the Year and more. The top high school media student and top coaches are recognized as well.

    In addition to sport-specific awards, winners of special honors were also announced. Independence High's Hunter Basola was named the Student-Athlete of the Year. The Female Multi-Sport Athlete of the Year is Claudette Runk from Summit High, and the Male Multi-Sport Athlete of the Year is Fisher Anderson from Franklin High.

    The Courage Award, which is given to a student or coach with the strength and courage to overcome obstacles, was given to Ravenwood High's Macy Fowler.

    Franklin High's Jean Castello won the John Maher Builders Sportsmanship Award. This award gives a $5,000 scholarship to a student-athlete who has been a great teammate, is a professional advocate for the school on and off the floor and is not receiving any other athletic scholarship.

    The Tennessee Titans were named the Sponsor of the Year, and Marc Parrish from Middle Tennessee State University was given the Legacy Award for his work with WCS athletics.

    Four students were also recognized for their involvement in the Outside the Lines initiative. The new program offers students the opportunity to receive class credit while working in athletics outside the playing field. Those students are Page High's Tia Atkinson, Renaissance High's Katelyn Cohee, Ravenwood High's Brooks Taylor and Summit High's McKinley Johnston.

    The finalists in each category are listed below, and the winners are bolded:

  • Male Athlete of the Year

    • Blake Bevis, Ravenwood High
    • Jacob Clevenger, Fairview High
    • Destin Wade, Summit High
    • Aaron Walton, Brentwood High

    Female Athlete of the Year

    • Reghan Grimes, Ravenwood High
    • Sarah Kate Rath, Ravenwood High
    • Rylan Smith, Nolensville High
    • Kaylen Thomas, Ravenwood High

    Male Sports Team of the Year

    • Brentwood High Soccer
    • Page High Soccer
    • Page High Football
    • Summit High Football

    Female Sports Team of the Year

    • Brentwood High Cross-Country
    • Brentwood High Track and Field
    • Nolensville High Volleyball
    • Page High Soccer

    Male Sports Coach of the Year

    • Nate Clapp, Page High Soccer
    • Brian Coleman, Summit High Football
    • Mike Purcell, Brentwood High Soccer
    • Charles Rathbone, Page High Football

    Female Sports Coach of the Year

    • Ron Brock, Page High Basketball
    • Nate Clapp, Page High Soccer
    • Joe Fedoris, Brentwood High Track and Field
    • Brett Young, Nolensville High Volleyball

    Boys Track and Field

    • Aiden Carter, Brentwood High
    • Cole Combs, Page High
    • Mason Green, Ravenwood High
    • Sterling Weldon, Nolensville High

    Girls Track and Field

    • Elise Dobson, Nolensville High
    • Reghan Grimes, Ravenwood High
    • Claire Stegall, Nolensville High
    • Sophie Yount, Brentwood High

    Boys Tennis

    • Patrick Delves, Ravenwood High
    • Sam Frank, Fairview High
    • Evan Ly, Brentwood High
    • Jackson Stone, Ravenwood High

    Girls Tennis

    • Disha Javagal, Brentwood High
    • Lisa Messier, Franklin High
    • Grace Stout, Ravenwood High
    • Victoria Voronkina, Centennial High 


    • Ryan Brown, Independence High
    • Lauren Johnson, Centennial High
    • Lily Kate Richards, Summit High
    • Rylan Smith, Nolensville High


    • Blake Bevis, Ravenwood High
    • Eli Lamb, Centennial High
    • Ethan McElvain, Nolensville High
    • Drew Whelan, Franklin High

    Boys Soccer

    • Thomas Fields, Brentwood High
    • Jack Gorman, Page High
    • Landon Robbins, Franklin High
    • Forrest Wells, Brentwood High

    Girls Soccer

    • Ally Brown, Ravenwood High
    • Maddie Padelski, Nolensville High
    • Sarah Kate Rath, Ravenwood High
    • Abby Thornton, Page High

    Boys Wrestling

    • Jacob Clevenger, Fairview High
    • Kendrick Curtis, Fairview High
    • Jarvis Little, Summit High
    • Will Parcel, Page High

    Girls Wrestling

    • Rylee Lent, Independence High
    • Brooklyn Long, Independence High
    • Emma Stephenson, Summit High
    • Kaylen Thomas, Ravenwood High
  • Boys Golf

    • Harrison Akers, Franklin High
    • Luke Beadles, Nolensville High
    • Bryce Callaway, Brentwood High
    • Grant Clark, Page High

    Girls Golf

    • Brooke Brummett, Brentwood High
    • Piper Davis, Independence High
    • Sophia DiPaolo, Franklin High
    • Hannah Ruth Walton, Ravenwood High

    Football Player of the Year

    • Jake McNamara, Page High
    • Destin Wade, Summit High
    • Aaron Walton, Brentwood High
    • Coby Walton, Nolensville High

    Football Offense

    • Jake McNamara, Page High
    • Chris Parson, Ravenwood High
    • Brady Pierce, Summit High
    • Aaron Walton, Brentwood High

    Football Defense

    • Jake Brock, Brentwood High
    • Colin Hurd, Page High
    • Myles Pollard, Ravenwood High
    • Keaten Wade, Summit High


    • Mamie Guthrie, Nolensville High
    • Maggie Rickert, Nolensville High
    • Kennedy Riggs, Ravenwood High
    • Avery Young, Nolensville High

    Boys Cross-Country

    • Brody Chapman, Brentwood High
    • Cal Fielder, Brentwood High
    • Parker Harris, Franklin High
    • Miles Ramer, Ravenwood High

    Girls Cross-Country

    • Sophia Boutros, Page High
    • Lydia Cromwell, Brentwood High
    • Jaynie Halterman, Independence High
    • Searcy Mooney, Nolensville High

    Boys Basketball

    • Daniel Cochran, Brentwood High
    • Jett Montgomery, Independence High
    • Dominic Reed, Centennial High
    • DJ Starr, Ravenwood High

    Girls Basketball

    • McKenzie Cochran, Page High
    • Lili Wilken, Page High
    • Reghan Grimes, Ravenwood High
    • Sydney Ryan, Brentwood High

    Boys Bowling

    • Brayden Didier, Franklin High
    • Sam Dodson, Centennial High
    • Drew Whalen, Franklin High
    • Connor Kasik, Summit High

    Girls Bowling

    • Samantha Dailey, Brentwood High
    • Leia Miller, Franklin High
    • Mary Kate Polk, Franklin High
    • Maddie Yates, Franklin High


    • Grace Beaird, Franklin High
    • Riley Kate Greene, Brentwood High
    • Madison MacMullen, Nolensville High
    • Hannah Hodgin, Centennial High


    • Channing Garner, Independence High
    • Maren McKean, Brentwood High
    • Sophia Rattan, Franklin High
    • Emerson Smith, Ravenwood High

    Media Student

    • Matthew Bowen, Ravenwood High
    • Natalie Finley, Independence High
    • Anna Raye Jones, Franklin High
    • Gabe Reeves, Independence High