Staying Healthy Throughout the School Year

Medical supplies in a drawer with a hand reaching in
  • Published July 25, 2022

    School nurses work hard to make sure students are healthy, safe and ready to learn. 

    Williamson County Schools has a nurse assigned to each school building to support the health needs of students. In order to prepare your child's school for their health needs, here are a few reminders for families:

    • All medications administered in the school setting require a parent or guardian to complete and turn in a WCS Medication Authorization Form.
    • Prescription medications and procedure orders require a physician's authorization before the school nurse can provide this service in the school setting.
    • If a child has a complex or chronic health condition, be sure to meet with the school nurse to discuss an individualized health plan.
      • Some conditions include severe allergies, diabetes, diagnosed asthma, cardiac conditions, catheterizations, tube feedings, adrenal insufficiency, cystic fibrosis, anxiety, ADHD/ADD and more.
    • All dietary restrictions and food-related health information for the cafeteria staff must be communicated directly to WCS Food Services.
    • The WCS Illness Guidelines have been updated and are always available for reference on the WCS Health Services page to help determine when it is recommended a student stay home due to illness.

    Wearing masks is a personal or parent choice and not required by the district, and there are no restrictions on activities, field trips, athletics, volunteers or visitors based on COVID-19.

    Families should make sure students are up-to-date with all required and recommended vaccines. An immunization record is required for each new student before the first day of attendance. Students entering seventh grade need an updated immunization certificate. Families moving from out of state may make an online request for records to be transferred by the health department, or a Tennessee-licensed healthcare provider can provide a Tennessee immunization certificate.

    Students' health information may be updated in Skyward on the Health History Form. More information about WCS Health Services and additional health forms are available on the district website.