• Published August 23, 2022

    Williamson County Schools would not be the district it is without the involvement of parent volunteers.

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) members help organize events throughout the year, including fall festivals, appreciation days and more. Last year, PTOs and booster clubs around the district raised more than $11 million to help celebrate and support teachers and staff.

    For the first time since 2019, PTO presidents, school principals and district administrators met in person August 23 to discuss the start of the new school year.

    "Our PTO volunteers help provide the support our teachers and staff need at the school level," said Superintendent Jason Golden. "Their involvement makes our district a better place, and they're one of the reasons we are so successful. I just want to thank them for their hard work and commitment to making our schools great."

    For more information about your PTO and to join, visit your school's website, hover over "Resources" at the top of the screen and click "PTO."