Help Stop Bullying with New Classlink Form

Anti-Bullying logo
  • Published August 23, 2022

    Starting this week, Williamson County students will have access to a new tool in the fight against bullying.

    Beginning August 24, a new Classlink-based form will allow students to anonymously report bullying or harassment in their schools. The form will ask key questions and be the starting point for gathering important information to help school administrators investigate.

    WCS students who believe they have been subjected to or witnessed instances of bullying are encouraged to report that behavior to school personnel.

    In addition to the new form, WCS already has several other means available for parents and students to report bullying and harassment. Instances may be reported directly to school staff, teachers or administrators, and the WCS mobile app has a Bullying/Tip Line that may be filled out and submitted.

    An updated form will also be available on the WCS Anti-Bullying page August 24.