Webmasters Keep School Communities Informed

  • Published August 30, 2022

    WCS is fortunate to have a team of school webmasters who work behind the scenes to make sure their websites are informative and engaging.  

    Each middle and high school has an employee who earns a supplement for the work they do on their school's website throughout the year. That includes updating content, adding events, posting announcements and more. The school webmasters must also attend an annual training session to learn best practices for their website.

    "We know from our most recent communications survey just how important our school websites are to our families," said WCS District Webmaster Karianne Annastas. "Our school webmasters work to make sure each website is updated with current and accurate information, and we are so thankful for their dedication to their school communities."

    All elementary school websites are managed by WCS Assistant Webmaster Brooke Davis, who also updates the Vanguard Virtual High website.

    The school webmasters are listed below.