New TCAP Family Portal Feature Supports Student Reading

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  • Published September 2, 2022

    A new feature to the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) TCAP Family Portal aims to help families support their student's reading skills.

    Families of students who took a TCAP English/Language Arts (ELA) assessment in the spring will now see a Lexile Reader Measure on the portal. The new measure will show information about reading progress and suggest reading materials that are matched to each student's academic needs.

    "This measure assesses a student's reading ability and the level of text the student can independently read and understand, giving parents the opportunity to help their student select texts that are matched to their needs," said WCS ELA Curriculum Specialist Angie Prosise. "Knowing the Lexile range can empower parents to foster a love of reading in their child. It's another component to be considered as parents continue to partner with teachers to support student progress."

    A Lexile measure assesses a student's reading ability and what level of text a student can read and understand on their own. Books and other texts also have a Lexile measure associated with them that describes how difficult the text is to comprehend.

    To see a student's Lexile Reader Measure, visit the TCAP Family Portal and log in using the student's unique access code on the bottom right-hand corner of the printed State score report.

    For more information about TCAP, visit the TDOE's website.