Schools of the Week: Westwood Elementary and Summit High

  • Published September 27, 2022

    The Schools of the Week spotlight is on Westwood Elementary and Summit High this week. Take a look at the photo galleries below to see some of the fun going on in each school building, and see quotes from teachers and students about what makes their school great.

    Westwood Elementary

    "I love learning new things. The teachers here are really nice." - WES student Grace Potts

    "The best thing about WES is the caring environment. Staff, volunteers, PTO and students have a deep care for Westwood." - WES technology teacher Kevin Beard

    Summit High

    "My favorite thing about Summit is my friends and the teachers. Everyone is really great, and we've created a good community. The teachers are really nice, and they really want you to get better." - SHS student Megan Michaels

    "What I love the most about Summit are my students. They are the energy and heartbeat of our school. Their enthusiasm, school spirit and desire to make a difference in the world around them are some of the reasons why I love working here." - SHS marketing teacher Rebekah Brashier


  • Westwood Elementary students have a brand new addition to their school.

    After months of construction, an updated school playground area was opened last week. Students of all ages are enjoying the new equipment, which includes swing sets, slides, a climbing wall and more.

    "I like the climbing wall," said WES second grader Cora Roberts. "There's a trick on how to get up it, and I've figured it out. That's why I like it so much."

  • Students in Summit High teacher David Moriarty's Honors Chemistry class are donning their lab goggles and putting their knowledge to the test.

    During a lab experiment, students were asked what percentage of water was in a mixture they were given. By heating up the mixture and causing the water to evaporate, students were able to find the answer.

    "My favorite part of chemistry is the challenge it gives us here at school," said SHS student Justus Stevenson. "In this lab, we calculated the molar mass of the hydrate. We also got to use the Bunsen burners, which is fun."