Schools of the Week: Creekside Elementary and Fairview High

  • Published November 29, 2022

    The Schools of the Week spotlight is on Creekside Elementary and Fairview High this week. Take a look at the photo galleries below to see some of the fun going on in each school building, and see quotes from employees and students about what makes their school great.

    Creekside Elementary

    "I love teaching at Creekside because of the supportive community that we have. We are so very blessed to have such wonderful families at Creekside that show their support for the teachers and staff within our school. I also think that the teachers and staff are what makes Creekside such a special place to teach, because we genuinely care for one another and celebrate each other for all of life's accomplishments." - CSES teacher Kasie Layendecker

    "My favorite thing at Creekside is my friends. I go outside and play with them, and I eat with them in the cafeteria." - CSES student Mia Truscott

    Fairview High

    "The students at Fairview High are kind and fun to create with. Each personality makes the day enjoyable and interesting, and it reminds me why I do what I do. I really enjoy creating art with them and being able to refresh my skills as a teach them." - FVHS teacher Tesha Goodgine

    "Everyone's just really nice here. Everyone is just like 'you do you,' and we're not going to mess around with each other." - FVHS student Lyla May

  • First graders at Creekside Elementary were flying high as they participated in their very own balloon parade Thursday, November 17.

    Students created their own floats featuring everything from princesses and animals to historical figures and food. Then they took the balloons into the hallway to show other students in the school.

    "We did a balloon parade, and mine was a Pokemon character called Charizard," said CSES student Boden Fillhouer. "There were so many balloons, and it was awesome."

  • College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE) programs at Fairview High always have something fun going on in the classrooms.

    In the Structural Systems program, students are learning about building framing and more. In the TV/Film program, students are finishing their Foley unit. Foley is the art of recreating sounds that appear on screen.

    "Most of the time, Foley happens in a studio with objects that aren't exactly what appears in the film," said FVHS TV/Film teacher Robert Gregory. "The students filmed a short story without sound, and then switched stories to add all the sounds in after the fact with no preconceived ideas of what their sounds were in the first place."