• Published January 10, 2023

    WCS Superintendent Jason Golden and other district leaders traveled around the county January 10 to surprise the system-wide Teachers of the Year and the Principal of the Year.

    The 2022-23 Principal of the Year is Walnut Grove Elementary's Dr. Kate Donnelly. 

    The Elementary School Teacher of the Year is Alison Kaczmarski from College Grove Elementary. Allison Isom is the Middle School Teacher of the Year, and Centennial High's Dina Tate is the High School Teacher of the Year.

    "This is one of my favorite days of the year," Golden said. "It is my honor to surprise these amazing teachers and administrators and celebrate them for all of their hard work and dedication. These honorees represent their colleagues in our district who are responsible for the high-quality education and support that our students receive."

    Every year, each school selects a teacher and classified employee to honor. Those employees are all listed below. A teacher at the elementary, middle and high school level is then selected to be a District Teacher of the Year, which qualifies them to compete for State and National honors. The videos of the surprise announcements will be released in next week's issue of InFocus.

    Golden will also be visiting schools in the near future to surprise a system-wide Classified Employee of the Year at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Be on the lookout for the announcement of those employees, as well as departmental Classified Employees of the Year, in a future issue of InFocus.

Elementary - Certified

    • Rebekah Morford, Allendale Elementary
    • Brooke Clark, Bethesda Elementary
    • Shauna Ledbetter, Chapman's Retreat Elementary
    • Leanna Strickland, Clovercroft Elementary
    • Alison Kaczmarski, College Grove Elementary
    • Taylor Queener, Creekside Elementary
    • Mary Kathryn Lauderdale, Crockett Elementary
    • Stephanie Schoer, Edmondson Elementary
    • Mandy McClure, Fairview Elementary
    • Brian Klingensmith, Grassland Elementary
    • Jennifer Holenstein, Heritage Elementary
    • Stephanie Hooker, Hillsboro School (K-5)
    • Sarah Robinson, Hunters Bend Elementary
    • Traci Wood, Jordan Elementary
    • Stacy Lammers, Kenrose Elementary
    • Jennifer Crawford, Lipscomb Elementary
    • Kelly Conlon, Longview Elementary
    • Shantel Watson, Mill Creek Elementary
    • Kara Matwijec, Nolensville Elementary
    • William Prosise, Oak View Elementary
    • Susan Barnhill, Pearre Creek Elementary
    • Jennifer LaBreche, Scales Elementary
    • Marc Bakke, Sunset Elementary
    • Kimberly Pantall, Thompson's Station Elementary
    • Katherine Dawson, Trinity Elementary
    • Jennifer Newman, Walnut Grove Elementary
    • Erin Jones, Westwood Elementary
    • Laurel Humes, Winstead Elementary

Middle - Certified

    • Stephanie Giudicy, Brentwood Middle
    • Melissa Kennedy, Fairview Middle
    • Lisa Wheeler, Grassland Middle
    • Aimee Edwards, Heritage Middle
    • Stacey Barton, Hillsboro School (6-8)
    • Angela Seay, Legacy Middle
    • Allison Isom, Mill Creek Middle
    • Caitlin Galo, Page Middle
    • Ashley Harris, Spring Station Middle
    • Vince Kubisiak, Sunset Middle
    • Valerie Capstick, Thompson's Station Middle
    • Laurie Winston, Woodland Middle

High - Certified

    • David Junkins, Alternative Learning Center
    • Laura Spretnjak, Brentwood High
    • Dina Tate, Centennial High
    • Amanda Drury, Fairview High
    • Crystal Shaffer, Franklin High
    • Myla McCoy, Independence High
    • Kristin Thomas, Nolensville High
    • Elizabeth Tidwell, Page High
    • Cassandra Dowd, Renaissance High
    • Peter Lowen, Ravenwood High
    • Allison Schweitermann, Summit High
    • Davita Deal, Vanguard Virtual High

Elementary - Classified

    • Jamie Bilicki, Allendale Elementary
    • Lana Enoch, Bethesda Elementary
    • Amber Duke, Chapman's Retreat Elementary
    • Mary Jo Rothlisberger, Clovercroft Elementary
    • Sandra Banner, College Grove Elementary
    • Amber Myers, Creekside Elementary
    • Donna Winston, Crockett Elementary
    • Kristie Hartman, Edmondson Elementary
    • Cynthia Nutt, Fairview Elementary
    • Sherry (Gant) Allison, Grassland Elementary
    • Pam Bunch, Heritage Elementary
    • Katherine Lasseter, Hunters Bend Elementary
    • Jennifer Marcrum, Jordan Elementary
    • Narumi Asaumi, Kenrose Elementary
    • Stacey Bryant, Lipscomb Elementary
    • Blossom Patmor, Longview Elementary
    • Anna VanTrease, Mill Creek Elementary
    • Dallas Freeman, Nolensville Elementary
    • Melanie Swarthout, Oak View Elementary
    • Cindy Blomquist-Hoeft, Pearre Creek Elementary
    • Amy Johnson, Scales Elementary
    • Beth Alexander, Sunset Elementary
    • Emily Garcia, Thompson's Station Elementary
    • Carole Rahimi, Trinity Elementary
    • Alesha Humphrey, Walnut Grove Elementary
    • Leslie Jones, Westwood Elementary
    • Phil Park, Winstead Elementary

Middle - Classified

    • Kelly Montague, Brentwood Middle
    • Danielle Rugierro Policari, Fairview Middle
    • Nancy Cotter, Grassland Middle
    • Deborah Allison, Heritage Middle
    • Bria Josselyn, Hillsboro School (6-8)
    • Vanessa McCain, Legacy Middle
    • Elena Arone, Mill Creek Middle
    • Dan Harkins, Page Middle
    • Mary Siemen, Spring Station Middle
    • Jeremy Coffey, Sunset Middle
    • Christina Parks, Thompson's Station Middle
    • Angela Magnino, Woodland Middle

High - Classified

    • Michael Ellis, Brentwood High
    • Patricia Wilson, Centennial High
    • Johanna Browning, Fairview High
    • Gina Cavender, Franklin High
    • David Cordero, Independence High
    • Tandy Blaylock, Nolensville High
    • James Wolf, Page High
    • Nancy McGinnity, Ravenwood High
    • Linda Samuels, Summit High