WCS School Events in Public Parks

//WCS School Events in Public Parks
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The Tennessee General Assembly has eliminated the exemption prohibiting guns to be carried in parks, and Governor Bill Haslam signed into law that legislation on Friday, April 24, 2015.

Handguns are now allowed in public parks. However, guns are still prohibited at school events that occur in public parks. The schools will be placing signage in the park when school events are taking place.

A number of school events will be occurring in parks in the coming weeks, but dates and times are subject to change. Be aware that you will see new signage at school events occurring in public parks.

SchoolSportPractice or GameLocation (Park)Date UsedTimes Used
Brentwood HighSoftballPractice & GamesGranny White ParkSeptember 12 - November 182:45pm - 4:30 pm
Brentwood HighSoftballPractice & GamesGranny White ParkJanuary 9 - February 132:45pm - 4:30 pm
Brentwood HighSoftballPractice & GamesGranny White ParkFebruary 13 - May 202:45pm - 7pm
Brentwood HighSoftballTournamentDrakes Creek ParkMarch 11 and March 179am - 9pm
Brentwood HighSoftballTournamentCrockett ParkApril 7 and 8All Day
Brentwood HighSoftballMS TournamentCrockett ParkApril 14 and 15All Day
Brentwood HighTennisPractice & MatchesGranny White and Crockett ParksFebruary - May
Brentwood MiddleCross CountryPractice & MeetsGranny White ParkJuly 19 - October 82:30pm - 4:30pm
Brentwood MiddleSoccerPractice & GamesGranny White ParkOctober 10 - December 83pm - 6pm
Franklin HighG SoccerPractice & GamesCheek ParkJuly 25 - October 293pm - 9pm
Heritage MiddleSoftballPractice & GamesHeritage FieldsMarch 6 - April 122:30pm - 7pm
Independence HighGolfPractice & GamesKing's CreekAugust 1 - September 303pm - 7:30pm
Woodland MiddleCross CountryPractice & MeetsCrockett ParkAugust 1- October 102:30pm - 4:30pm
Woodland MiddleFootballPractice & GamesCrockett ParkAugust 1- October 103pm - 6:30pm
Woodland MiddleSoccerPractice & GamesCrockett ParkOctober 10-November 233pm - 6pm
Woodland MiddleTennisPractice & MatchesCrockett ParkAugust 1-October 103pm - 6pm