Specials Classes

Every day students in all grades attend specials class.  The classes are taught by teachers specializing in that subject.

“Every child is an artist.” -Pablo Picasso

Children naturally “speak” the language of art and art class is their place to explore all that encompasses this language.  Children learn techniques, explore materials, develop their creative skills and learn to think in new ways.  Children learn that there can be more than one solution to the same problem and that we learn from “mistakes.”

During art classes with Ms. Ligon children are guided in their discovery of their creative selves.  As Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

At Allendale, we follow the Tennessee State Art Curriculum and Discipline-Based Arts Education.

Students at Allendale have music every 6 days for 45 minutes. In elementary general music, our goal is to sing, dance, and play instruments, all while learning, exploring, & experiencing music in a variety of ways!  Through these experiences, it is our hope that all students will develop a strong appreciation for music and find joy in their time with us!  As part of the curriculum, 4th grade will learn to play the recorder in the second semester, while 4th & 5th graders also have the option to join the Allendale Chorus for more performance opportunities throughout the year.  Each grade level is showcased in a music program once a year.  With these performances, students have the opportunity to share with their families what they have learned and worked so hard on, as well as develop rehearsal & performance skills!  We are excited to share our love for music with your child as they grow and discover who they are and all that they are capable of!

All students visit the library as part of the rotation of specials classes. During classes, students engage in lessons and activities aimed at helping them become independent users of the library, explore a variety of literature, and learn how to gather information from various sources.  Print and digital resources are incorporated into lessons and available for students to use in the library.

Visit the Library page for more information on our program.

The school counselors facilitate classroom guidance regularly as part of the specials classes rotation. Lessons follow the Williamson County counseling curriculum to help students gain life skills such as personal, social, emotional and career development..  Topics include character lessons, self- awareness, school and study success skills, safety, healthy choices/peer pressure, decision making, communication skills, friendship, conflict resolution, manners, stress relief, and many more.

Visit the School Counseling page for more information.

At Allendale, we want to focus on giving the students something that they can take with them and use later in life to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  Our P.E. program was put together to give students the opportunity to experience several different activities that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in.  We strive to promote a safe environment both physically and mentally/emotionally by encouraging students and having them encourage each other.

The PE program is excited to announce that Williamson County Schools has teamed up with Adidas in their ECOM Partnership Program. The program offers discount codes specific to each school and Adidas donates 10% of the total spent back to the selected school as a fundraiser.  Find your school’s discount code and start shopping today!

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Jamie Bilicki
Teacher Assistant
Kelly Cochrane
School Counselor
Angela Faust
Physical Education Teacher
Sean Fowler
Physical Education Teacher
Hannah Hallmark
Computer Teacher
Kelli Ligon
Art Teacher
Sophia Manuel
School Counselor
Becky Morford
Music Teacher
Annie Ward