Activities Offered at Bethesda

SACC offers various activities throughout the year. You must be enrolled in SACC at Bethesda to participate in these activities. A new list of activities are available each semester. For more information, contact the SACC Site Director at BES.

Homework Room

BES SACC offers a Homework Room for students Monday through Thursday, from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, beginning near the end of August. Homework Room provides a classroom setting with up to 20 students per adult to provide a quiet area for the completion of homework.

BASE Activities

The SACC program will offer these activities to registered SACC students at Bethesda Elementary each fall and spring. Information about these sessions will be shared prior to the start dates. In order to participate, your account must be paid in full, and payment for the activity is due at the time of enrollment.