Related Arts/Special Classes

Bethesda Elementary students are on a 5 day special class rotation.  Students have physical education twice a week.  Students attend music, library/technology, and art classes once a week.  Guidance classes are usually twice a month.

The Art Department at Bethesda creates an atmosphere for students to learn a variety of techniques using the usual supplies of crayons, markers, paper, clay, etc. Art history studies movements in art and the way artists have influenced and been influenced in the world around them. Technology has been used to help students search for information and create reports comparing artworks. Students are encouraged to do their best to create a piece of art while learning techniques, the elements of art and the principles of art. Motivation comes from looking at other artists and things around the environment. Art is photographed and displayed on, at the Frist and the Factory in Franklin in the Spring at the Williamson County Festival.

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BES Media Center/Library

As part of the related arts curriculum at BES, all Kindergarten-5th grade students will attend music class once a week.  Our goal for their time in music class is for each child to experience music through a variety of activities.  They will sing songs, play games, and do movement/dance activities from many different cultures and time periods. They will learn music history and music theory (reading and writing music notes, rhythms, and symbols). They will also get to play and learn about a variety of musical instruments (5th graders will learn to play recorders). Singing performances are included in many of our school assemblies and programs throughout the year, and there is also an opportunity for 4th and 5th graders to join our chorus, The Bethesda Singing Dragons, which meets once a week before school.

At Bethesda Elementary, physical education students will participate in lots of engaging activities designed to promote a lifestyle of health, fitness, and overall well-being.  We will start out the year with Olympic activities, and continue with games and physical activities that span the curriculums and spark a variety of interests.  Please remember that in order to participate, appropriate footwear (tennis shoes) is required for the safety of our children.