Get Ready for Your Future

The Brentwood High School Counseling Center is here to assist you with your College and Career Planning needs. BHS counselors focus on the process of preparing for testing and college applications, getting to know your strengths and creative passions, and encouraging you to expand your academic and extracurricular interests to strengthen your college resume.

So you’ve decided to attend college. Awesome! And you’ve started preparing for your senior year and the application process, as well. But there’s still an ominous question looming over you–where will you go? How do you decide where to apply, and once you’ve gained acceptance, how do you make the final decision about which offer to accept?

The entire process of college application can create headaches and heartaches and certainly exhausts a great deal of time. Viewing the Post-Secondary Planning Websites file will provide you with systems and searches that will help you get ideas, narrow the field, and make that decision about what areas to pursue.

Seniors, download and view the Senior Year Milestones presentation compiled by your counselor to find out what you should be focused on this school year.

Learn more about prospective colleges during College Representative Visits to BHS. College representatives will be visiting our school throughout the year.  Representative will answer questions about their school, the programs they offer, and information about financial aid and admittance. This is a great way to expand the college search and to see if a college is the right fit for you.

Williamson County Counselors have created a district-wide WCS Scholarship List.  Students are encouraged to browse the list as they search for college scholarships. Students can only access the list with their WCS Gmail accounts.  BHS Selective Scholarships for 2019 are also available.  The scholarships listed are “selective,” meaning students must be nominated by Brentwood High.  If you’d like to be considered for nomination, please fill out an interest form available in guidance.

Students and parents, are you wondering how to pay for college? Explore the Scholarship and Financial Aid Presentation that was shown at the annual School Counselor and Administrators Leadership Institute Conference year for some great tips and resources.

Are you confused about how to pay for college? A representative of the Tennessee Student Assistant Corporation recently presented on the topic, Financial Aid Sources.  Please make plans to attend so that you can learn more about receiving help with college costs.

Seniors, please complete the Brentwood High School Senior Data Sheet for your counselor and any teacher you ask to write a college recommendation for you. The information you provide will allow teachers to write a personalized, effective letter of recommendation for you.

Class of 2018 and current students:

You may request your transcript online through the Order a Transcript website. Simply follow the steps to complete your transcript request:

  1. Select “Start” button
  2. Select “Sending Institution” (Brentwood High School Brentwood, TN)
  3. Follow the instructions to enter Student Identifying Information
  4. Make sure to check “End of Term for Academic Agencies”
  5. Select the “Receiving Institution” (If you haven’t made a final decision yet, you may select multiple schools.
  6. Review your Transcript Order
  7. Enter your Customer Information (The email address you provide will be used to provide tracking information on your transcript order)
  8. Submit your Order
  9. Make a note of the tracking number(s) to check on your transcript request and verify when the receiving institution receives the transcript. Keep in mind, it still may take the receiving institution a week or two to accept and process your transcript.

Please note that your grades will not be finalized until right before graduation.

Please note: Test scores are not included with transcripts. Test scores must be sent from the testing agency (ACT/ SAT).

Class of 2017 and earlier:

If you need your academic transcript sent to colleges/universities, please complete the BHS Transcript Request Form.

  1. Print and complete the form. Make sure to include the address of the recipient.
  2. Mail or drop off your request to the BHS Counseling Department and enclose the $2.00 processing fee or pay for your transcript with the WCS Online Payment Portal.
  3. Please allow 3-5 business days for your request to be processed.

Please note: Test scores are not included with transcripts. Test scores must be sent from the testing agency (ACT/ SAT).

The state of Tennessee believes in fostering the educational success of every student no matter what their future plans are. The following are all ways in which they Invest in You.

Tennessee Promise:  Seniors may apply for the Tennessee Promise scholarship, which will provide two years of tuition-free attendance at a community or technical college in Tennessee.

Tennessee HOPE Scholarship:  The Tennessee HOPE Scholarship Program provides scholarship and grant assistance to Tennesseans attending eligible Tennessee post-secondary institutions. Review the requirements for the HOPE Scholarship and apply online.

Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation:  The Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation administers over 20 different state student financial aid programs, including the HOPE scholarship, Tennessee Promise, Tennessee Reconnect, Tennessee Student Assistance Award, and the Dual Enrollment grant.