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The W B H S 9 blue and gold logo.

Most awarded high school media program in Middle Tennessee!

Twelve BHS students who are honored to be the WBHS 9 Media Interns for the 2017-18 school year.

2017-2018 Interns

(L-R) Casey Crowe, Allison Steele, Matthew King, JJ Blanton, Sam Dillard, Bethany Foust, Ryan Schumpert, Garrett Linney, Taggart Nadasdi, Barrett Hall, Jacob Trauscht and Cristobal Spielmann

The City of Brentwood allocated Channel 9 to Brentwood High School from Comcast Cable in 1999. The channel first served as a billboard for high school activities. One computer and a school secretary served as the total operating system for the channel. In the spring of 2001, Mark Madison and the television classes assumed the responsibility of the channel and began developing a full-time station with coverage for the northern half of WIlliamson County. Armed with little more than three old cameras and one linear editing system, five interns and four classes of high school students set out to make Channel 9 the BEST educational access channel in Tennessee. Over the past 12 years, WBHS9 has won more than 400 county, state, regional, and national awards at film festivals and video competitions across the country.

As a member of the Tennessee High School Press Association and the National Journalism Education Association, the station covers events at Brentwood High School, Brentwood Middle School and three elementary schools. Several schools across the state of Tennessee have visited Channel 9 to pattern their developing programs around this operation.

Now under the direction of Ronnie Adcock, WBHS9 is a leader in sports programming, school events and community activities thanks to the dedication of the students, community and parents. Local educational programming now exceeds six hours a day.

Broadcasting I Grade Levels 9-10 Credit: 1 full year Recommended Prerequisite: None This course is the entry-level course to prepare students for the media industry. Course content provides a broad-based exposure to audio, video, and journalism and broadcasting within the industry. Students are taught the fundamentals of remote wiring and studio wiring.Equipment mastered includes: Video Cameras, switchers, mixers, video recorders, microphone, Final Cut Pro

Broadcasting II Grade Levels 10-11 Credit: 1 full year Prerequisite: Broadcasting I The first quarters will focus on electronic media production (EMP) technologies utilizing simulated and/or real-life projects. The student gains insight into such issues as concept creation, scripting, sound design, visual design, engineering, editing, budgeting and producing, as well as exploring some of the latest advances in industry technology. Students operate Comcast Channel Nine, provided by the City of Brentwood, on a 24 hour/ 7 days a week basis. Students are required to video programs for community viewing, sporting events and special activities. This class operates as a professional television station. Advanced computer techniques are taught and used regarding television special effects. This is a hands-on operational class.

Broadcasting III Grade Levels 11-12 Credit: 1 full year Prerequisite: Broadcasting II or III This course focuses on simulated real-life electronic broadcasting media of newscasts, special events and original programming. The student will gain valuable insight into both audio and video sides of the electronic media industry. Course content is composed of scripting, broadcasting, reporting, directing, editing, budgeting, producing, cameras, lights, sound and set design. This course will explore the latest digital technology and applications, research and future trends in the electronic media industry. Pre-production and post-production work is emphasized. Video and audio creativity is emphasized, regarding the creation of final television products. Directing techniques and computer effects are taught and used.

2016 Western KY Film Festival & NATAS Student Awards Brentwood High TV & Film students received half-a-dozen awards at the Western Kentucky Film Festival and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Student Awards on Wednesday.  In Bowling Green, BHS took home four of the five trophies, winning first place honors for Animation, Experimental, Music Video and Short Film. 

2013-2014 WBHS9 Awards Purity Milk/Titans of Taste Commercial Contest 1st Place: Josh Gracia, Charlie Pyle 2nd Place: Hamza Khalid, Thomas Wolf 4th Place: Marshall Travioli

2012-2013 WBHS9 Awards Mid-South Regional Emmy Awards Music Video: “What Kind of Love,” Grayson Propst, Zach Madell, Danielle Wilson, Josh Jirjis Jason Short Film: “I Like You Nick,” Grayson Propst, Danielle Wilson News Package: “Graceworks,” Stephan Hart, Cameron Pedley Animation: “Special Effects Compilation,” Ben Sherill, Thomas Tatum, Thomas Wolf THSPA

2012 Mark Madison Best TV Station: WBHS9 Best Sports Coverage: BHS vs. Wilson Central: Abby Vorhaus, Chandler Butler, Andrew Hughes, DJ Moulton, Stephen Hart, Apakorn Burapharat, Cameron Pedley, Samantha Anderson, ReBecca Allen, Hannah Feldhacker, Conner Holmes, Dakota Payne, Sarah Dunne, Jenna Red, Ben Sherrill, Thomas Tatum Best Sports Show: John Anderson, Zach Driver, Haylie Craver, Chloe Connors, Elijah Gonzalez, Joey Guiarino, Hannah Feldhacker for “Bruin Primetime” Best PSA: Apakorn Burapharat, hannah Feldhacker, Andrew Hughes for “Seat Belts” Best Commercial: Marchall Travioli for “Sharpie” Best Short Feature: Apakorn Burapharat, Conner Holmes and Drew Brown for “Satisfy Your Appetite with Bacon” Best News/Sports News Package: Honorable Mention to Zach Driver for “2002 Championship Football Team Anniversary”

If you have any questions regarding WBHS9 programs, classes and all other matters, please contact Ronnie Adcock at: ronniea@wcs.edu, Brentwood High School 5304 Murray Lane Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 472-4234.