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William Anderson
Athletics, Cross Country-Boys, English
English; Head Boys Cross Country Coach
615-472-4221 ext: 3713
Mandy Bicsak
Athletics, Cheerleading, Social Studies
U.S. History AP, Varsity Cheer Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3681
Steve Brock
Athletics, Football, Social Studies, Wrestling
Personal Finance, Asst Football & Wrestling Coach
Barbara Campbell
Athletics, Fine Arts & Wellness, Volleyball
Wellness, Head Volleyball Coach
615-472-4221 ext 3715
Vince Carter
Athletics, Basketball-Boys
Asst Basketball Coach (offsite)
Dave Carter
Athletics, Basketball-Girls
Asst Basketball Coach (offsite)
Drew Collier
Athletics, English, Football
English I, Asst Football Coach
615-472-4221 ext: 3680
Catherine Cram
Athletics, Volleyball
Asst Volleyball Coach
Ron Crawford
Athletics, Fine Arts & Wellness, Football
Head Football Coach, Wts Kines
615-472-4221 ext: 3721
Tom Crawford
Athletics, Football, Social Studies
Jessica Crosby
Athletics, Bowling, Social Studies
AP Human Geography, Head Bowling Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3687
Kyle Crowe
Athletics, Soccer-Boys
Asst Soccer Coach (offsite)
Patrick Curran
Athletics, Fine Arts & Wellness, Football, Wrestling
Wellness, Head Wrestling Coach and Asst. Football Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3706
Chris Duncan
Athletics, Cross Country-Girls
Girls Head Cross Country Coach (offsite)
615-472-4221 ext. 4238
Gabe Evans
Athletics, Football, Social Studies
European History AP, US History/Geography Honors, Contemporary Issues, Asst Football Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3692
Clint Finch
Athletics, Football, Social Studies
Human Geo AP, Euro History AP, Asst Football Coach
615-472-4221 ext: 3772
Melissa Gerlach
Administrative Support Staff, Athletic Secretary, Athletics
Athletic Department Secretary
Judd Granzow
Athletics, Football-Freshman
Head Freshman Football Coach (offsite)
Billy Jayne
Head Tennis Coach (offsite)
Brooke Klinefelter
Athletics, Softball
Asst Softball Coach (offsite)
Rachel Lytle
Athletics, Cheerleading, Science
Biology Honors, AP Biology, Head JV Cheerleading Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3646
Maggie McLaughlin
Athletics, Soccer-Boys, Soccer-Girls, Social Studies
World History/Geography Honors, US History/Geography, Asst Soccer Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3707
Kersta Mello
Athletics, Soccer-Girls
Head Girls Soccer Coach (offsite)
Bill Moore
Athletics, Baseball, Fine Arts & Wellness
Wellness, Head Baseball Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3709
Angela Noble
Athletics, Science, Volleyball
Chemistry Honors and Standard, Asst Volleyball Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3647
Jacob Norfleet
Athletics, Football
Asst Football Coach (offsite)
Carson Oneal
Athletics, Football-Freshman
Asst Freshman Football Coach (offsite)
John Peck
Athletics, Baseball, Fine Arts & Wellness
Lifetime Wellness, Asst Baseball Coach
Dr. Erica Powell
Athletics, English, Softball
English III Honors, Head Softball Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3632
Anthony Pritchard
Athletics, Track
Asst Track Coach (offsite)
Mike Purcell
Athletics, Soccer-Boys, Social Studies
World History/Geography, Sociology, Head Soccer Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3708
Bud Robison
Athletics, Golf, Science
Biology Honors, Ecology, Head Golf Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3653
Rob Rowland
Athletics, Baseball
Asst Baseball Coach (Offsite)
Charles Sanford
Athletics, College, Career & Technical Education, Football
Program & Logic, AP Comp Sci, Asst Football Coach
Ron Seigenthaler
Athletic Director, Athletics, Fine Arts & Wellness, Basketball-Girls, Track
Athletic Director, PE II, ISS, Head Girls Basketball Coach, Head Track Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3714 / 3628
Greg Shirley
Athletics, Basketball-Boys, Math
Algebra II & Honors, Head Basketball Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3710
Steve Wade
Athletics, Track
Asst Field (offsite)