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New! It’s time to register for the BHS 2018 Summer Camps (PDF opens in a new window). Come join us at one or all of our camps . . . art, baseball, basketball, cheer, football, soccer, or wrestling!! We have something for everyone and would love to have your child participate!

Information including rosters and schedules are located on the BHS Scorebird Site (opens in a new window) which is maintained by the Athletic Dept. For specifics regarding trying out for a sport, contact the head coach of that sport or the Athletic Director, Joe Blair. Participation in a sport requires all players to have a current physical and concussion form that is signed by the player and a parent/guardian on file with the school.

BHS Coaching Staff

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Mandy Bicsak
Athletics, Cheerleading, Social Studies
U.S. History AP, Varsity Cheer Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3681
Joe Blair
Athletic Director, Athletics, Math
Geometry Standard & Honors, Athletic Director
615-472-4221 ext. 3711
Steve Brock
Athletics, Football, Social Studies, Track, Wrestling
Personal Finance, Head Boys & Girls Track Coach
Barbara Campbell
Athletics, Fine Arts & Wellness, Volleyball
Wellness, Head Volleyball Coach
615-472-4221 ext 3715
Drew Collier
Athletics, English, Football
English I, Asst Football Coach
615-472-4221 ext: 3680
Ron Crawford
Athletics, Fine Arts & Wellness, Football
Head Football Coach, Wts Kines
615-472-4221 ext: 3721
Tom Crawford
Athletics, Football, Social Studies
Jessica Crosby
Athletics, Bowling, Social Studies
AP Human Geography, Head Bowling Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3687
Patrick Curran
Athletics, Fine Arts & Wellness, Football, Wrestling
Wellness, Co-Head Wrestling Coach and Asst. Football Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3706
Chris Duncan
Athletics, Cross Country-Boys, Cross Country-Girls
Girls Head Cross Country Coach (offsite)
615-472-4221 ext. 4238
Gabe Evans
Athletics, Football, Social Studies
European History AP, US History/Geography Honors, Contemporary Issues, Asst Football Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3692
Clint Finch
Athletics, Football, Social Studies
Human Geo AP, Euro History AP, Asst Football Coach
615-472-4221 ext: 3772
Melissa Gerlach
Administrative Support Staff, Athletic Secretary, Athletics
Athletic Department Secretary
Judd Granzow
Athletics, Football-Freshman
Head Freshman Football Coach (offsite)
Billy Jayne
Head Tennis Coach (offsite)
Rachel Lytle
Athletics, Cheerleading, Science
Biology Honors, AP Biology, Head JV Cheerleading Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3646
Maggie McLaughlin
Athletics, Soccer-Boys, Soccer-Girls, Social Studies
World History/Geography Honors, US History/Geography, Asst Soccer Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3707
Kersta Mello
Athletics, Soccer-Girls
Head Girls Soccer Coach (offsite)
Bill Moore
Athletics, Baseball, Fine Arts & Wellness
Wellness, Head Baseball Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3714
Angela Noble
Athletics, Science, Volleyball
Chemistry Honors and Standard, Biology, Asst Volleyball Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3647
John Peck
Athletics, Baseball
Asst Baseball Coach
Dr. Erica Powell
Athletics, English, Softball
English III Honors, Head Softball Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3622
Mike Purcell
Athletics, Soccer-Boys, Social Studies
World History/Geography, Sociology, Head Soccer Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3708
Bud Robison
Athletics, Golf, Science
Biology Honors, Ecology, Engineering through Service Learning Honors, Head Golf Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3644
Charles Sanford
Athletics, College, Career & Technical Education, Football
Program & Logic, AP Comp Sci, Asst Football Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3634
Greg Shirley
Athletics, Basketball-Boys, Math
Algebra II & Honors, Head Basketball Coach
615-472-4221 ext. 3710
Damon Smith
Athletics, Wrestling
Co-Head Wrestling Coach
Myles Thrash
Athletics, Basketball-Girls
Head Girls Basketball Coach