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Get Involved!

There is a direct correlation between academic success and extra-curricular participation. Students that participate in extra-curricular activities experience greater academic success than those students that just attend school. At BHS, there are many opportunities to get involved whether it be through sports, band, choir, drama, curricular clubs, or non-curricular clubs. If you are interested in joining a club or starting a new club, please read through the policies, procedures, and rights that relate to student organizations.

The American Sign Language club meets every Tuesday in A22 from 2:45-3:30. There are make up meetings for those who miss the Tuesday afternoon meeting on Wednesday mornings in room A19 from 6:40-7:00. ASL Club is open to any student interested in learning American Sign Language. Students work on learning and mastering signs to be able to communicate in the sign language community. Join to learn a new language in a relaxed environment!

Meetings:   Every Tuesday in A22 from 2:45-3:30 and makeup meetings every Wednesday in A19 from 6:40-7:00

Sponsor: Lynzey Fulco

The mission of the BHS Asia Club is to promote and strengthen the awareness of Asian cultures to Brentwood High students together with Brentwood community.

Meetings:   As Announced

Sponsor: Danmei Houston

Badminton Club is for anyone who has an interest in playing, no prior experience necessary. The club starts in February, so listen for announcements. The presidents are Ananya Gondi and MacKenzie Smith.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsor: Diana Tomayko

Best Buddies is an international, non-profit organization that fosters meaningful one-to-one friendships between students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.  For more information, please visit www.bestbuddiestennessee.org.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsor: Staci Harris

This club is for students interested in the theater arts both in school and in the surrounding community.  The club directs and produces a major all-school production.  The club goes to shows around the community as well as encourages the performing arts through involvement in community service projects and participation in the school-sponsored events.  We also attend the Tennessee State Thespian Conference each January. Students are invited to join the International Thespian Society based on their involvement in high school theatre.  An awards banquet is held each May honoring awards earned each year.

Meetings:  First Thursday of each month after school

Sponsor: Lisa Moody

The chess club is interested in all students interested in learning the game of chess. The goal of the club is to learn the game of chess, practice playing chess, and compete in community chess competitions. Chess club members will synergize to take each club member’s chess game to the next level.

Meetings: Thursday after school

Sponsor: Mr. Kedigh

The purpose of the Chinese Cllub is to promote the study of Mandrin Chinese and Chinese culture.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsor: Danmei Houston

DECA is an educational youth organization designed for students enrolled in Marketing Education.  Students will participate in various leadership, community service, occupational, and social activities.  Each year the BHS DECA Chapter conducts and huge fund raiser as a community service project.  Many of the students participate in competitive events and represent BHS very proudly at the regional, state, and national levels.  Any student interested in pursuing a career in Marketing or Business is encouraged to enroll in Marketing and be a part of this wonderful student organization.  It is an integral part of the total marketing program.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsors: Lisa Nease, Melissa Bashore

Students will develop entrepreneurial skills and mindset by launching a startup, powered by MIT.
The aim is to create a real startup – to solve a real need in a differentiated way. The focus is on taking action, learning from results, and making changes to improve chances of success. Teams will progress through a series of milestones as their business develops, though will often have to revise decisions with the help of feedback from the market and mentors. The aim is to “learn by doing.”

Meeting Information: As Announced

Sponsor: Ms. Katherine Napier

The purpose of the Fashion Club is to culture students by analyzing the way clothing is worn and how people present themselves and to bring together teenagers who have a passion for this art.

Meeting Information: As Announced

Sponsor: Ms. Kate Urmy

Fishing club is just as described.  A club for students intersted in fishing.  Interested students will gather for group fishing trips as well as compete in state wide fishing tounaments.  No expereince is necessary.  We will help to outfit students as needed.

Meetings: Mondays after school in B5

Sponsor: Doug Anderson

Application for membership is open to students in grades 9-12 who have at least a B in all subjects from the previous grading period, who can attend weekly meetings and practices, and who can compete in tournaments on the weekend.  Prospective members and their parents need to attend an orientation at the beginning of the school year to learn more about membership requirements.

Meetings: Tuesdays, Library Classroom, at 2:40

Sponsors: Harriet Medlin, Matt Grimes

SF club is focused on how science is used to solve crimes. The club will have guest speakers and also activities to learn how crimes are solved.

Meetings: First Tuesday of the month

Sponsor: Tony Grimes

The club is open to students enrolled in a French class or who have taken French.  It meets monthly to promote activities that encourage students’ exposure to the French language and culture.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsor:  Virginie Jordan

Students interested in a medical career meet regularly. Professionals come to talk to the group about the profession giving advice, informationa and answering questions. Students also find out opportunities to volunteer to help prepare themselves for a career in medicine.

Meetings: Monthly – See Ben Kazmierowicz to find out how to get regular information about meetings

Sponsor: Rebecca Roa

GSA is a club whose goal is to promote tolerance and acceptance throughout the school for all sexes. We provide a safe, judgement-free space for people who share a desire for equality for all genders and sexual orientation.

Meeting Information: Wednesdays, 2:45-3:30. Room A-22

Sponsor: Patrick White

The German Club is open to all current and former German students at BHS and BMS, as well as others with a special interest in German language and culture. Annual events include an Oktoberfest party, German game day, holiday gingerbread decorating, German restaurant trip, German film showing, and the inter-language-club soccer world cup.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsor: Mr. Rentro

Habitat for Humanity is open to all students at Brentwood High. The main goal of this campus chapter is to raise money through various fundraising opportunities to build a home for underprivileged people living in the surrounding Nashville area. We also seek to further the mission and share the vision of Habitat for Humanity International.

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:50 a.m. in the Library Computer Lab

Sponsor:  Melissa Bashore

Our goals are to help serve our community, become a leader, and gain global perspective. We have opportunities to get scholarships, organize projects to end polio, and work with other Interact Clubs around the world.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsors: Amy Pigott

Join International Club to be able to contribute to the global community through fundraisers and activities for various international organizations and outlets. Become more immersed in a plethora of cultures and expand your world views.

Meetings: Monthly, specific days and times to be announced,  in  Mrs. Kerkhoff’s room (A14)

Sponsor: Kelli Kerkhoff.

The International Culture Club is for students who are from other countries and students who want to learn about other people’s culture. The goal of the club is to introduce students to other cultures, from around the world, with an open minded perspective. The club will have speakers from different countries to talk about their culture and answer questions.

Meeting Information: 1st Wednesday of every month, directly after school, A-19

Sponsors: Katharine Urmy, President: Espy Snodgrass

Our weekly meetings celebrate Japanese culture, especially its cuisine and media. As a club, we will examine Japanese anime, architecture, food, and influence on Western society. We’re excited to read, watch, and taste a little bit of Japan together, and we would love for you to join us!

Meeting Information: Meetings as announced

Sponsor: Allison Van Konynenburg

The Key Club is affiliated with the Kiwanis Club International. We engage in a variety of service projects in order to benefit children, our community, and the world while having fun at the same time.

Meetings: Wednesdays as announced, after school in Room A23

Sponsor: Jean Kleine-Kracht.

The knitting club meets biweekly and teaches knitting skills. We will work on knitting for charity as well as our own personal projects.

Meeting Information: Room C-10B the first and last Tuesday of each month

Sponsor: Elizabeth Clifton

In addition to the Latin language, members study Greek and Roman history, mythology, and culture.  Members attend mid-state and state competitions in the spring as part of the Junior Classical League.

Meetings: Wednesdays 2:30-3:00 in A17

Sponsor: Diana Tomayko.

Students meet regularly sharing workouts and nuturition goals. Students encourage each other and share their own succeses. Members of the community well connected with fitness are invited to share information and resources to support and maintain a healthy balanced body.

Meetings: First and last Thursday of each month. Contact Christian Sunderlandn for obtaining regular club information.

Sponsor: Rebecca Roa

The literary magazine is open to all students who love to write poetry and short stories. We also welcome artists and photographers. We create a literary magazine that is published at the end of every school year. We also conduct a yearly poetry night where we share our poems and short stories with students and parents as our main event to sell our magazines. Being a published author or artist in high school is a wonderful thing! We also accept submissions all year long (poetry, short stories, essays, song lyrics, photography, and art). You do not need to be a part of the literary magazine staff/club to submit submissions to the magazine.

Meetings: First Wednesday of each month after school, room A-25 @ 2:35

Sponsor: Athena Phillips

Student-led club meant to bring positivity and uplifted spirits to others through community service and individual projects.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsors: Matt Grimes

This is a group of students who enjoy participating in the Interscholastic Math League and other local and national high school mathematics competitions.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsors: Betty Hood, Lindsay Wilson

The Medicine Club is open to all students interested in pursuing a career in Medicine. The goal of the club is to expose more students to the availability and diversity of medical opportunities while also keeping them focused on ethics in healthcare. The medicine club organizes tours, invites speakers, and hosts in school activities.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsor:  Mr. Riley

Meetings will be announced.

This club is for students with an avid interest in the law.  Students who enjoy speech, drama, and debate will appreciate the challenge of Mock Trial. This year, the Mock Trial club is made up by two teams of nine members each.  We compete in the district Mock Trial Competition at the end of February every year.  The season goes from mid-November through February, and practices are held after school.

Meetings: Begin in November, as announced

Sponsor: Belinda Wade

During the fall semester, groups of 2-4 students represent a United Nations member nation, doing research and preparing a resolution for the annual conference in November. The club is open to all grades.

Meetings: Friday mornings at 7 am in the Library Classroom

Sponsor: Belinda Wade

Mu Alpha Theta is the national high school and junior college Mathematics Honor Society.  It is dedicated to the study and appreciation of the artistry that generates mathematics.  Recommendations from math teachers are required for membership. Each member provides 2 hours of free math tutoring each month in the BHS Learning Lab as a service requirement.

Meetings: Last Wednesday of the month at 6:50 am in Library classroom

Sponsors: Betty Hood and Lindsay Wilson

Creative thinking is the core of 21st century learning and the National Art Honors Society aims to inspire and recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art. The NAHS strives to aid members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service, and to bring the importance and relevance of visual art  to the attention of the school and community.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsor: Heather McHugh

The aim of the Association shall be to represent the French language in North America and to encourage the dissemination, both in the schools and in the general public, of knowledge concerning all aspects of the culture and civilization of France and the French- speaking world. The Association shall by all means at its disposal support projects destined to advance the French language and literature.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsor : Virginie Jordan

This club is made up of students who love history and enjoy hands-on projects. We will compete in the National History Day district competition at MTSU in February.

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsor: Chris Saunders

The National Honor Society is national organization for students  chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The students must have a weighted GPA of 3.85 at the end of the first semester their junior year.

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month, Library Computer Lab

Sponsors: Christie Feiler,Athena Phillips, Abby Rutherford, Dr. Patrick White

Operation Christmas Child sends gift filled shoeboxes to children in need around the world. We hold fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to buy the gifts. OCC is affiliated with the non-profit organization Samaritan’s purse.

Meetings: Fridays as announced, B17, during 5A

Sponsor: Lindsay Wilson

Are you quick with a buzzer? Do you know a bunch of useless trivia? Quiz Bowl is the fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat academic competition, that tests participants over a vast expanse of knowledge. Topics range from Greek Mythology to Civil War history, and physics to the latest Justin Bieber release. We participate in tournaments all over the Southeast all year! Visit the National Website for more information.

Meetings: Tuesday, Room B113 , 2:35 PM

Sponsor: Nick Wang.

The Joint BMS/BHS Robotics club meets to use the Engineering process to build semi-autonomous and autonomous robots that perform specific selected tasks.  The club is organized with, and models, a corporate heriarchy, and competes in the annual Music City BEST competition.  Students learn the safe use of tools, programming of the control system, teamwork, and executive organizational skills.

Meetings: Tuesdays,  BHS Room B-114, 2:35 PM – 4:30 PM

Sponsor: Roberto Marrero

The Science Bowl is a fast-paced academic competition that offers teams of high school students from across the state of Tennessee a chance to match their wits in math and science. The winner of the Tennessee Science Bowl will advance to the National Science Bowl® in Washington, D.C., all expenses paid! Vist the National Website and State Website for more information.

Meetings: Friday, Room B113, 2:35 PM

Sponsor: Nick Wang

The purpose of this organization is to encourage scientific thought, advance scientific knowledge, and communicate with both the scientific and civic communities. The chapter accomplishes this through community service projects, speakers, and a variety of other activities. The organization is open to all grades who have a minimum GPA of 3.65, a Science average of 87% or higher, are currently enrolled in honors or AP level science course experience, and have successfully completed the application process. Applications are available online.  Find out more about this club on the BHS Science National Honor Society page (requires a WCS Gmail account to access).

Meetings: As Announced

Sponsors: Doug Murray, Rachel Lytle

Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education, increasing male, female and minority interest in science, creating a technologically-literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by both students and teachers. These goals are achieved by participating in Science Olympiad tournaments and non-competitive events, incorporating Science Olympiad into classroom curriculum and attending teacher training institutes. For more information visit the official website.

Meetings: Wednesdays @ 2:35 PM – Location as aanounced

Sponsors: Marrero, Wang,  Ames

The Student Executive Council (SEC) serves as the STARS leadership team. This group is made up of students who make a commitment to abstain from alcohol, drugs, violence, and pledge to serve as positive role models for peers. The SEC helps create, advertise, and facilitate prevention projects and charity ventures each month throughout BHS and the community.

Meetings: As announced

Sponsor: Julie Moran

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF supports UNICEF’s work, and other efforts in support of the world’s children, through fundraising, advocacy and education in the United States.

Meeting Information: As announced

Sponsors: Amy Pigott

The Youth Advisory Council promotes and engages in community outreach and service projects for Williamson County.

Meetings:As Announced

Sponsor: Ms. Fulco

The Vegetarian Club is a supportive group of people, Vegetarians and non-Vegetarians alike, who wish to improve their health by eating more plant based food. The club is open to everyone. Members of the club will have open discussions about vegetarianism and share food and recipes.

Meeting Information: 3rd Wednesday of every month, during lunch in room A-19

Sponsors: Kate Urmy, Abi Ray: club president

Club members will learn yoga poses, practice yoga, and enjoy being a part of a community. This yoga club is for all levels: beginners- intermediate- advanced. Members need to wear comfortable clothing. Yoga mats are provided.

Meetings: First Friday of the month, 2:45 – 3:45

Sponsor: Urmy

Students create teams of two and write a bill for the state of Tennessee.  The students then attend the state Youth Legislature conference during the spring at the state capitol to experience a mock legislature process of how bills become laws.

Meetings: Spring semester: Friday, 7 am  Room A7

Sponsor: Belinda Wade