A Message from Dr. Barkley

Keep up-to-date with the events and accomplishments at Brentwood Middle School, with weekly messages from Dr. Barkley.

Dear BMS Parents,

Needless to say, we are living in unprecedented times. When we said good bye on Thursday, March 5th, I don’t think any of us (I know I didn’t) had any idea what the next few weeks would hold. I’m not sure what the past couple weeks have looked like for you and your family, but I hope in the midst of all of the chaos and craziness of COVID-19, you’ve been able to stay healthy and enjoy some quality time with your family. We miss our students and seeing all our families on campus, and we are hopeful that we can return to school in the near future. Please know that it is important to us to be there for our students and families during this difficult time.

Principal, Dr. Brandon Barkley