Available Programs from Guidance

The school counseling program at Brentwood Middle School is a comprehensive developmental program that supports the school’s mission to prepare students to be lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

In our proactive approach to meeting state school counseling and career guidance standards, we implement a classroom guidance curriculum, coordinate testing, and lead school-wide character education and anti-bullying efforts. The counselors are available to consult with parents and teachers to find ways to enhance student success. We frequently make referrals to the school social worker to help parents get connected to resources in the community. We also provide the responsive services listed below.

Classroom Guidance is an opportunity to discuss issues that are relevant to students’ academic, social, and emotional concerns. Some of the topics include learning styles, study skills, decision-making skills, resistance to peer pressure, career exploration, and high school registration.

Counselors meet with students for confidential individual counseling to address academic, personal, and career concerns. Parents and teachers may refer students, but many students come in on their own. By helping students to identify their own personal strengths, we work with students on learning how to make decisions, set goals, overcome obstacles, and cope with challenges.

“Secure the Ship” lessons are the vehicle in which relationships are built, academics are supported, college and career exploration occur and the foundation of a positive school culture is created.  This year the topics include: social media and digital citizenship, anxiety, bullying and respect, healthy relationships, careers, and study skills.

At the beginning of the school year, school counselors provide orientation opportunities for students and parents new to Brentwood Middle School. During the school year, counselors periodically gather with new students  to help with their transition to Brentwood Middle School and to address any questions or concerns they may have.

If your child is having difficulty succeeding in the classroom, the first thing to do is contact his or her teachers. It may be helpful to set up a conference with them to discuss concerns and talk about ways to address the problem. If your child continues to struggle, you should contact your child’s counselor to discuss your concerns and to see if an RTI (Response to Intervention) referral might be appropriate.

School guidance counselors work with parents to create 504 Plans for any student that qualifies. They provide information and eligibility requirements to those requesting it.  When students have a 504 Plan, guidance counselors communicate with teachers to ensure that the plan is being followed.

Our school psychologist provides a variety of services at our school. He administers and interprets psychological and educational evaluations; develops school-based intervention programs; counsels students, parents, and teachers on educational and mental health issues; acts as a liaison between the school and community agencies; evaluates program effectiveness; provides crisis intervention; and participates in screening programs which identify students with special needs.

The STARS (Students Taking a Right Stand) program provides prevention education and intervention services (individual, group, and crisis counseling) for students.  Some of the areas addressed are bullying, substance abuse, violence, and social and emotional issues.  The STARS counselor is available to students daily.