Open Substitute Orientations

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Steps to Take Before Attending

  1. Submit the substitute teacher application (opens in a new window).
  2. Complete the New Hire Packet (PDF opens in a new window). Electronic signatures are now accepted by the district. Once you have completed the document, attach it to your online application. To attach:
    1. Log-in to your substitute application. In the top-right corner, select ‘returning applicant’ and log-in to your applicant profile.
    2. At the top of the page, select ‘upload attachment.’
    3. Select the file that includes your new hire packet. Note: Please only upload the indicated pages within your packet. The packet must be uploaded as one PDF document in the specified order. All additional documents will need to be attached to the back (i.e. fingerprinting receipt).
    4. To complete the upload process, select ‘upload.’ Once that is complete, log out of your profile.
  3. Provide the reference link to at least two references, who must be professional references (i.e. coworker at previous employer, volunteer participant). One reference must have supervised you (i.e. former manager, director, school advisor, etc.).
  4. Have your fingerprinting complete for this position. For more information, please read the fingerprinting instructions (PDF opens in a new window). Fingerprinting can be attached to the new hire packet if you so choose.
  5. Your New Hire Packet should be submitted electronically by attaching it to your application (the preferred method). If you are unable to do so, you may select one of the following options listed below:
      1. Emailing it to the HR Specialist for substitutes (Email)
      2. U.S. postage – which must be received by the listed paperwork deadline. Send the documents to: ATTN HR Substitutes | 1320 West Main Street, Suite 202 | Franklin, TN 37067.

You will be contacted by HR Specialist for substitutes regarding the next available orientation for you to attend. All updates regarding your paperwork and other announcements will be sent to you directly via the email you provide within the application. If any of the above steps are not complete, the HR specialist for substitutes will assist you in getting you placed in a later class.

Documents to Bring to Orientation

  • Originals and copies of your ID’s. Please refer to the I-9 Acceptable Documents page (PDF opens in a new window) for information on acceptable documents to support I-9 documentation. HR Staff must view these documents at orientation.
  • Fingerprinting receipt to show proof of starting the process, if not attached to submitted New Hire Packet.
  • Pen and paper to take notes and sign additional paperwork upon arrival.

If any of the above steps are not complete, you will not be able to attend this open orientation.