Special Classes

Each day, Clovercroft students attend Special Classes for 45 minutes where they are challenged by highly qualified teachers in that specialty subject. These classes include music, art, physical education, health, Life Skills, computer lab, and library. Students have two PE classes per week along with music and art. They go to the other classes on a bi-weekly basis. Each of these classes have their own curriculum and state standards that they focus on throughout the school year. Please take a look at each of our Special Classes web pages where you can find out more information about what they will be teaching.

Elementary art classes curriculum will focus on the elements and principals of art, famous artists, cultural art forms, history and careers in the arts. While studying key concepts and learning about new art forms, students will be discover connections between different subject areas such as math and language arts consequently reinforcing material learned in the regular classroom. Students in all grades will have one art lesson each week. Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade will be provided with an artist sketchbook for notes, sketches, project planning and some assessments. In the spring there will be several art shows and festivals where selected student artworks will be displayed. Current student artwork will be on display around the school throughout the year.

In computer lab the students will learn keyboarding, word processing, internet safety, Google Classroom and various other computer skills that are grade level appropriate.  It is my goal for students to be able to use the computer lab to enhance and support their learning of subjects being taught in the classroom. This will include research projects as well as using programs that Williamson County School District has to offer.

The Clovercroft library will provide access to materials and resources to support the instructional curriculum as well as encourage a lifelong love of reading.  Each class has a scheduled library time to receive library instruction and check out books.  Individual students may come to check out books throughout the school day with teacher permission. Kindergarten students may check out one book at a time, 1st grade students may check out two books, and  2nd – 5th grade students may check out up to three books at a time.

Students at Clovercroft come to music once a week for 45 minutes. In elementary general music, our motto is sing, dance, and play. Our students learn through active musical experiences while singing, moving, and playing instruments. The music room contains many percussion instruments such as drums, xylophones, and a variety of smaller unpitched instruments. Fourth and fifth graders also incorporate recorder into their curriculum. Each grade level participates in one program a year. These programs are generally in the evening and open to the community

Welcome to the Physical Education and Health section of Clovercroft’s webpage. Our goals for the year will be to see improvement and development in all of our units covered, including fitness, sports skills, cooperation/ social skills, and nutrition. During our fitness unit, we will lead activities with goals of improving our muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. During our units covering sports skills units, we will target improving skills associated with basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, golf, gymnastics, rhythm, rock climbing, etc. Cooperation and social skills units will work to improve skills, such as sportsmanship, taking turns, and getting along with all other students. During nutrition, students will learn which foods are part of a healthy, well-balanced diet and the benefits of eating healthy. As a part of physical education class, students are expected to wear tennis shoes every day that they have in the gym, in order to participate, as well as providing a note from a parent or doctor for the days they need to miss, including a date that they can return to activity.


The Kindergarten – 2nd grade classes will be learning about the sport of baseball during the month of October.  Students will learn about how to correctly field, throw, catch and hit a baseball/softball.  The conclusion of the baseball/softball unit will include a modified game to prepare students who are interested in joining a baseball or softball league outside of school.  In addition, students will also be learning more about the sport of basketball in preparation of the basketball league that will begin this fall.  Students will learn about the many skills in basketball including passing, dribbling, shooting as well as offensive and defensive strategies.  We will be doing modified basketball games to assist in overall knowledge and confidence to join a team in the community.  Also, the K-2 classes will be participating in a variety of cooperative activities that will build their overall teamwork and sportsmanship skills.  We will continue to spiral review through our B.A.S.I.C.S. unit that focuses on Balance, Athletic Movements, Sports/Strength, Eye-Hand Coordination, Catching and Throwing and Skipping Rope.


The 3rd – 5th grade P.E. classes will be learning about the sports of baseball and softball during the 2nd 9-weeks.  In coordination with the World Series, the students will learning about the skills of baseball/softball including throwing, hitting, catching and fielding as well as defensive and offensive strategies in a modified game.  We hope to build confidence in our students to join a team outside of the school.  Also, the 3rd – 5th grade students will be completing their Pacer Test during the month of November.  This will provide a snapshot of each student’s cardiovascular endurance.  We will also spiral review back into our basketball unit by breaking down passes, advanced dribbling and shooting with a defender.  The students will be participating in basketball games to provide real world applications to the game of basketball.  The conclusion of our 9-weeks will include our traditional cooperative activities that have been implemented the last 7 years with a focus on teamwork and sportsmanship.


The health classes will be continue to learn about lifelong activities as well as how our bodies grow.  They will also be aligning with the P.E. activities throughout the 9 weeks when applicable.  In addition, we will building our overall eye-hand coordination through a cup stacking unit which will improve our overall muscle memory.

Special Staff

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Lauren Baker
Music Teacher
Brittany Bandstra
Music Teacher
Kim Barnett
Computer Teacher
Carly Cambron
Art Teacher
Jimmy Clark
PE Teacher
Zach Engle
PE Teacher
Alyssa Head
Lauren Hitchcock
Art Teacher
Sydney Lenthall
PE Teacher
Molly McGuire
Mackenzie Skiles